Only one way to tell

October 25, 2016

It was about 5:00 AM  when my master, Mr. Milo came and asked me to run into town and pick up his new horse supplies. I was about to reply yes, but that's when I saw her, Mr. Milo’s daughter. She is the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. She has amazing blonde hair, nice clothes, is really good with horses, and her name suits her perfectly, Molly. I could say it forever. Me on the other hand, I'm just a stable boy with ragged clothes, long brown shaggy hair, and a boring name, Jack. I saw her, and I was in a trance. Next thing I know she's behind him asking to go along.

I saddled up both of our horses and brought them out front to get our saddlebags. She had changed into her riding clothes and smiled as I came around the front.
“Well let's get going,” she said. “Do you think it’ll be a long journey?”
“Only one way to tell.” I blurted back with a grin. Was I a klutz or what, only one way to tell? Are you kidding me?  As we rode off, we decided to take the woods to get there faster. Soon enough we made it to a small but steep cliff that was about 15 feet away from the other side.
“Do you think we can make it?” she asked.
“Only one way to tell.” I repeated as I urged my horse on and made the jump. Why did I keep saying that? It was as if my mouth had a brain of it’s own. We soon engaged in a conversation talking about whatever could be talked about. I wasn’t surprised when we encountered a very large and wide lake, you could smell the fresh water from 5 miles away. We didn’t want to go around, for it would take more time than we had to waste.
“What should we do?” Molly asked quizzically.
“What else but to go through it,” I replied calmly.
“But will we make it?” she was still unsure what to do.
“Only one way to tell,” I had wanted so badly to ask her to go out with me that I nearly forgot to hold the saddle bag above my head to keep it dry.
Once we had crossed the lake I tried to start a conversation, but was quickly cut off by an abrupt, “Shhh, I think I heard something,” Molly whispered. Oh no! I thought. We should’ve never gone through the woods. There are monsters in these woods, I swear. We dismounted our horses and pulled out the only two barrel rifle we brought. I was thinking of all the possible ways to die in creepy woods, when I heard a soft whine.
“It’s over here,” Molly seemed urgent to find out what it was. Though you could still hear the crunching of leaves under our feet, we walked our horses as quietly as we could. We soon came across a small puppy caught in a vicious hunter’s trap. I quickly put away the rifle in order not to scare him.
“Aww,” Molly said. “Do you think it’s friendly?”
“Only one way to tell,” I declared in response. I was hoping to get a smile because I had said that response to every question she had. When I saw the edges of her mouth curve up I promptly tied my horse and attempted to befriend the small dog. I tried everything I could, from throwing meat to trying to approach, but everything I did I was greeted by a sharp nip to keep me back. The whole time Molly was behind me doubled over laughing.
“Fine,” I replied once I gotten extremely angry, “You try.” Molly plainly walked over and put her hand out and the puppy didn’t nip her - he put his muzzle in her hand and nuzzled it! All I could do was stand there in awe. To be honest I was jealous.
“I’ll distract him while you get the trap off.” Molly quickly said as if nothing happened.
“Ok,” was all I could muster. We soon got the trap off and had him sitting on Molly’s horse because he would not tolerate me. Good thing town was only 2 miles away, we could find him an owner there.
Once we reached town, we dismounted and tied up our horses leaving a reluctant puppy to guard them. The store owner Mr. Sutton gave us a confused look once he saw a proud looking pup sitting on a sleeping pony. Before long we were loading up the supplies and on our way. This time we chose the long route home so that we could talk more. As we talked I tried to get up the courage to ask her out but couldn’t do it. The old dusty dirt road that went around the woods was not as adventure filled, because of this we soon found ourselves back home and brushing down the exhausted horses.
“I’ll take that for you.” I offered taking all the horse supplies and the saddles from Molly.
“Thank you.” She replied gratefully, and set to work making the puppy a bed out of rough hay and an old sheet.
I decided to walk her up to her house in attempt to muster up my courage to ask her out. I finally did. She was about to close the large brown door when I blurted out, “What would you say if I asked you to go riding with me again tomorrow?,”
Molly quickly replied with a grin, “Only one way to tell.”

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