March 4, 2009
By Cleo Massas BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Cleo Massas BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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If I where in charge of the world allot of things would be different but then again who would want to be in charge of the world for some things are just to could to be true and they eventually come back to bite you in the butt. Though it would be nice to be in charge. If I where in charge of the world one thing would be certain I would want every person to live out just one dream just one wish! Just think doing so would make the world so much happier and peaceful for someone to say that your wish can come true instead of just saying wish upon a star and just hope. I do have to admit some dreams can not be done some are dangerous but there is always a way to satisfy those dreams to satisfy all dreams without hurting each other the real problem is finding that way to satisfy those dreams. I believe the concept of world peace is obtainable if people just find the ways to satisfy others dreams, for the world to be truly peaceful we need 3 words to be more often used "Yes You Can!"
My Road Map
My name is Emma McLaughlin and I can say that in a way I was in charge of the world it took awhile to actually be in charge 23 yrs to be exact but I learned being nice and common courtesy can land someone large and in charge! You see when I was in high school I was a cheerleader on the varsity squad, an editor for the newspaper, homecoming queen, captain of the debate team, and valedictorian. When I graduated I want to Harvard to be a lawyer and then turned out to be in charge of the world and a politician! I was in my senior year final semester you could say I was pretty happy good grades, captain of the debate team, homecoming queen, and rumored to be this years valedictorian. I really was just focused on myself and really didn't care about anything else I was just aiming for the big and the best go to Yale and maybe marry a nice rich guy settle down and have a couple of kids my life's plan was rolling in my head and it was going to happen one way or another.
Stop and Big Bang!
I woke up like I did every school day 6 am my alarm clock went off and I reluctantly got out of bed and into the shower. I finished my shower then go and get dressed and run downstairs by 6:30 for breakfast. "Good morning sweetie, I got your breakfast ready strawberry waffles, hash browns, and orange juice!" my dad George exclaimed like it was some kind of award. "Dad I told you I'll eat breakfast at school and don't call me sweetie now I have to go Greg's going to pick me up in 30mins, I have to walk to Susie's house and go and get her first so I'll see you later." "Bye to you has anything after school because its family game night and your grandma are in town" my mom explains as she comes from in the living room with curlers in her hair. "Mom you know I hate those and besides I have cheerleading practice after school because there is a game today after school at 6 and then Greg and the guys are going to go out and have pizza so I won't be home till nine tell grandma I'm sorry and I'll catch her next time." I exclaim as I rush out the house before then can fit something else in to say. I rush out the door knowing that I'll pay for that when I get home but I was going down the block to get Susie so I just really didn't care. I knocked on Susie's door and her Mom answered like usual. "Oh Hi darling Susie be down in a minute why don't you come in?" "Sure Mrs. Patterson just tells Susie to hurry." "Susie darling Emma's here" "I'm coming Mom just give me a sec I have to get my cheering stuff!" Susie replied in a hurry. "So Emma would you like some milk, orange juice, toast?" "No thank you Mrs. Patterson we'll eat at the Stop and Go at the corner that's where Greg's picking us up" "Ohh...Ok" Mrs. Patterson says in disappointment. Then I hear the rushing footsteps of Susie Patterson. "I'm ready lets go Emma Mom I have cheering practice after school and there's a game at 6 then we are going to go out and celebrate so I won't be home till 9." "No problem honey do you need a ride?""Sure pick me up at Mamma Mia's at the corner of Garrison and Ferumont at 9" "Ok have fun honey" "Bye mom I love you!" Susie says as she kisses her mom on the cheek and we head at the door and walk down to the Stop and Go. See Susie's mom is really cool since the divorce she lets Susie to anything to keep her little Angel happy. "You know I wish your parents would be more like mine understanding and cool" "Emma your parents just care about you that's all." "That's what you say every time why you can't be a Dr.Phil and give me good advice." "Hey I want to be a real estate agent not a talk show host!" "Sorry so what are you going to have for breakfast?" I ask Susie as we walk into the Stop and Go. She answers by grabbing a slim fast and a fruit cup I grabbed a hash brown and water. We go up front to pay and little did we find the little soccer nerd that lives down the block and is in our grade but goes to Garrison Mortion he's there every morning I swear he's a stalker. "Well hi will that be all?" the boy at the front counter named Conner (at least that's what his name tag says) ask us like he does every morning. "No and you already know that no just ring us up give us our change and but out" I say like I do every morning you might think its mean but when you see this annoying kid every morning you wouldn't blame me. He rings us up and gives us our change and shy's away. "Nerd just goes play with your soccer ball maybe one day you will make it to the looser bowl." Susie says as she puts a big L on her forehead and we laugh as we walk away. We go sit down at a table outside as we wait for Greg. "Emma doesn't look now but the losers moping up some little kids pancakes looks like he's practicing for his future job or the job he'll be having for the rest of his life!" Susie says with a howling laughter. I laugh along for a little finish my hash brown and see Greg pulling up to put gas in his car. I see that Susie sees him too as she finishes up her fruit cup. Greg finishes pumping gas and pulls up to the front and opens our doors. "Good morning lady's your driver has arrived." Greg jokes. "Geese while thank you kind sir" I jokingly play along. We get in the car and pull out of the Stop and Go as I buckle in my seatbelt and take a look back and see the loser staring I roll my eyes and turn around to see Susie lying down in the back and covering her head while Greg try's to cover me. I didn't exactly see why initially it was all a blur but then there was a big light and it hit me literally.
Slow Down and Look In The Mirror
The next thing I know I'm waking up in a hospital and all i saw was my mom, my dad, a doctor, a police officer, flowers, and balloons. Then the next thing I heard "Emma your ok!" my mother's face lights up and she nearly jogs over to give me a big hug the curlers still in her hair. Next my dad came over and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead and says "Sweetheart you feeling alright?" I groggily wake up "I'm fine but what happened where's Susie, Greg?!" "Sugar do you remember what happened?" The police officer questioned me. I pondered on this a moment "I remember a hash brown and a water Greg pulled up opened our doors we got in where pulling out of the Stop and Go a loser was staring at me and then I remember seeing Susie covering her head then Greg was covering me then a bright light and then a hospital room." "Honey Greg let go of the wheel to save you and hit the door to unlock them and the 'loser' pulled you, Susie, and dragged Greg out of the car you all got hurt but thanks to this 'loser' you might be bruised but at least your not buried!" "Well how are they" I still persisted in asking? " Well darling Susie has a few scraps and bruises but she'll be ok. Greg has a sprained left ankle and might need a knee surgery and this 'loser' your referring to has a sprained left hand and right foot he'll the worse hurt he'll be homebound for at least 1 month." the police officer finally answered my question. I didn't hear a lot after that I just sat there and thought Conner just saved us losers. We where being mean to him and he still saved us at what cost? His hobby and possibly his dreams as far as soccer goes could be ruined. I am a selfish, inconsiderate, loser and that has to change.
Light On
I was in the hospital for one week they wanted to run some tests and make sure I was alright. I was never alone though my parents were nearly always there and people from school cam into to see me football players, cheerleaders, debaters, photographers, writers and unfortunately my newspaper editor. 'Listen Emma I understand your situation but Christina our student spotlight writer is out to go to her grandmothers funeral and that means we need someone to fill her spot your our best and only choice' my newspaper editor explains. 'Listen Mrs.Mandersion I loved to my passion for editing and journalism always beckons. (Ok so I was lying but it was either that or hear her beg and I wasn't in the mood to hear begging or argue) Besides I'm home on bed rest after I get out today so I'll have plenty of time to write that article When's the layout due?' 'In 8 days so I'll need your report in 7 so good luck and I hope you fell better I have to go see Greg' see Mrs.Madersion is also Greg's aunt. As I sit there and wonder who the student spotlight should shine on I quickly think clearly it should be either me, Susie, or Greg. Then again that is what a self-centered person would do so I hastily rethink. I ask the nurse to turn off the lights because I think better in the dark. I was left in the dark thinking of all the students at Jefferson High and who I should write the article on. All of a sudden the light was switched back on and I look ip to see the Stop and Go boy. The light switch wasn't the only light the went o in the room for a light bulb had went on in my head and I had my story.
I decided by the time I left the hospital with my parents that I was going to write the article on the Stop and Go boy. Earlier that day before he left to go home he came in with a clutch and sling and switched on the light. 'I'll be there in a second Mom I just want to drop something off' he said as he hobbled in. I didn't want to talk to him at the moment so I faked I was asleep. He went over to the dresser next to me and put down a bear holding a car and a whit paper bag. He then sighed and hobbled out. I waited for him to close the door and walk down the hall until the point that he couldn't see me. I 'woke up' and opened the paper bag first to find a hash brown and a Dasanti I let out a little chuckle then opened the card. It had a little kid with flowers holding a get well balloon on the front the inside he had hand written himself (he must be a righty) .

I hope your not too banged up and you feel better soon. I won't be at the Stop and Go for awhile so I though I get you your breakfast now the typical hash brown and water the $1.75 change is in the envelope like usual. Sorry to tell you but your friend can't call me a nerd cause I'll be out for the season and besides it's the loser cup and it happens every 4 years. The good news is your shallow 'boyfriend' is going to heal up nicely and he might be able to play tonight because in case you didn't know last weeks big game was canceled and rescheduled for tonight. Also you'll be able to wipe you'll little pom-poms around with your friend and hey some day you two might end up at loser nationals. Get well and I hope you can be the type of cheerleader that changes.
Cookie Chatter
Ok I know what your thinking he's a was a little mean for a get well card but I deserved it. I still was 't mean your outfit or hair do maybe you can figure it out..
Sincerely, 'the loser' going to write the article on him and the next day I found him in the phonebook and even though my parents were reluctant they drove me to his house. I rang his doorbell and waited 2 mins before what looked like his mother answered the door ' Well hi aren't you the girl that was in the passenger seat what can I do you for?' 'Yeah I was the passenger and I was wondering if I could interview Conner for the newspaper' I asked didn't really think she would say yes. But she did and she let me in and lead me into the living room where he was sitting watching tv. ' Conner that girl from the car is here and she wants to interview you.' his mother said before she want into the kitchen and cooked what smelled like cookies. I sat down across from him in the armchair with a notebook and pen and started to talk to him. 'SO I was wondering if I can interview you for our student spotlight article for the newspaper' I shyly asked? 'I don't even go to your school and why do you want to do on me I'm just a soccer nerd who hopes to make it to the loser bowl but instead is stuck on a couch' he replied with a little bit of anger. 'Well even thought you go to our school your still a student and you deserve the spotlight you save 3 seniors lives.' 'Fine have a bat at it.'

Me: So what is your name where do you go to school how old are you and what grade are you in?
Response: My name is Conner McMullen I go to Garrison Mortion I'm 17 and I'm a senior.
Me: What do you plan to do after high school?
Response: I plan to go to Princeton and then graduate with a bachelors degree in sports management then go play soccer for Manchester United. That's my plan I don't know if it's going to happen though.
Me: What do you mean?
Response: Well if I'm going to play for Manchester I need all the practice I can get and the scouts are going to be at our big championship game at the end of the season.
With the accident I'm out for the season and they won't see me play. There is no way my parents can pay for Princeton either unless I get a scholarship from Princeton for soccer but since there not going to see me play I don't have a chance.

I felt kind of bad for him his hopes and dreams are crashing down in font of him because he did a nice deed and saved Susie, Greg, and I. That me wonder something and I had to ask us.

Me: Why did you save us even though me and Susie were mean to you?
He paused and then gave an answer.
Response: You were going to die and besides that truck and crash may have killed and got rid of you but the words you called me will never hurt me. I could of never been insulted again ever morning like you always do' but I wasn't going to let you just sit there and die the doors opened anyway. He let out a little chuckle. It seems all the running practice from soccer came in handy.
Me: When can you go back to school?
Response: In 2 weeks right before all the end of the year events.
Me: Will you ever play soccer again?
Response: Not for at least another 6 months according to the doctor.
He seemed a little gloomy so I skipped my last question and decided to see if I can make him laugh.
Me: So when are you going to start working at the Stop and Go again you know I need my breakfast and change.
Response: He let out a little of a howling laughter. I didn't think you would notice the cash register boy missing but I'll be back when I go back to school in 2 weeks.

That was my last question and I said 'See that wasn't that bad.' 'No it could have been of worse.' His mother came in with that tray of cookies I've been smelling and asked if I wanted some I took two then said I had to go for I saw my mom was pulling up. Before I left I said 'Thank you and hope that you get better soon.' 'Oh thank you sweetie come by anytime you like Conner likes visitors.' 'Mom!' She let out a little smile and closed the door. I went down to my mothers car got in and she asked 'How did it go?' I buckled in looked around and saw Conner smiling and waving bye. I turned around looked forward ,smiled and said 'The cookies where good!'
I went home and it was really easy to write the article I typed away before I knew it 2hrs had passed and my article was nearly a page long! Then I realized there was something missing a picture I needed a picture of our student spotlight honoree but to get a picture of a kid who doesn't even go to our school was going to be a little hard. I then got the idea Garrison Mortion is 1 mile away and Susie's Mom had a car I could get her to drive us there and then I could get his school picture. I asked my mom and then flew out the door getting my hands in my coat sleeves as I walked to Susie's. I rang the doorbell and for a change Susie answered! ' Hey Emma what's up?' 'Listen Suze I need a favor can your mom drive us to Garrison Mortion to get this kids school picture for the paper?' 'I wouldn't mine come in let's ask my mom.' We walked through Susie's house trying to locate her mom and found her in the kitchen putting a pie on the countertop to cool. 'Hey girls what can I do you for?' Mrs. Patterson perkily said. 'Hey mom can you drive me and Emma to Garrison Mortion to get a kids school picture for the paper?' 'Why can't Emma's mom drive her?' Mrs.Patterson asked which was a little unusual since she usual wouldn't object she'd just drive us. 'My mom has to take my dad to the airport for a convention in Colorado' I said kind of lying (ok so the convention is next week but he will be going to Colorado). 'Ok then no problem girls give me a min to find my keys, turn off the oven, and get my coat why don't you two go wait out front for me?' 'Ok' Susie and I replied in unison. We let out a little chuckle as we walked to the front door and Susie got her coat off the hook. We waited outside by her mom's Bentley (yeah I said Bentley she got a nice divorce settlement) she shortly then after came out and unlock the car for us we then got in and drove to Garrison Mortion. 'Ok girls I'll go park over there and I'll wait please try to hurry it's 3 and I have a meeting at 5.' 'Thanks Mrs.Patterson the office is right there so it shouldn't take us long' I said as Susie and I got out of the car. We walked to the front of Garrison Mortion and a secretary buzzed us in. We walked into the main office and up to the secretary 'Hi my name is Emma and I'm writing an article for the paper and was wondering if I could have a students picture?' The secretary that looked 40 something looked up at us through her ancient glasses and said smiling 'Sure darling what's the kids name' Geese I thought that was easy but all I really said was 'Conner McMullen he's a senior?' She typed the name up on her computer and went into a separate office and brought back a picture. 'Here it is it was taken just this year' she said non-chantly. 'Why thank you and very nice ' shoes' Susie said as we walked out the door. 'That was easy for all they've known we could have been terrorists getting our hit list ready' I joked. Susie and I walked back to the Bentley got in and drove back. Susie's mom dropped me off in front of my house I said 'Thanks for the ride Mrs.Patterson' and jogged in the house it was a little chilly outside! I told my mom I was home and then went up stairs to finish my report. I scanned the picture into the computer then put it into the article, spelled checked and put a headline on. I emailed it to my editor and then went to sleep for tomorrow I go back to school.
I got up once again to the sound of my alarm clock at 6 took a shower, got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. 'So Emma I drove down to the Stop and Go and got you a hash brown and water they said it was your usual' my dad said. 'Thanks dad' I said as I took my breakfast and kissed him on the forehead. He was a little thrown back for it wasn't the usual thing I did. My mom however was still on her usual regiment she came in with guess what curlers in her hair. 'Honey I'll drive you to school this morning after I take my curlers off and Susie's mom said she can drive you two home' my mom said as she was already starting to take out her curlers. 'Sure mom but today after school I have a newspaper and debate meeting so should I or can you call Susie's mom and say thanks but I can't' I said as I stuffed the hash brown into my mouth. 'Can you call her Emma I'll go upstairs and quickly get dressed while trying to get these things out' my mom said pointing to the curlers and walking upstairs. I finished my hash brown and as I was gugiling my water I found my backpack and grabbed the phone to call Suze. Hello you have reached Susie and Kathleene Patterson we can't come to the phone right now but if you leave your name and number we'll get back to you as soon as we can have a good day. Dam answering machine 'Listen Susie thanks for offering the ride but I have a debate and newspaper meeting so I'll just see you at school bye.' I hung up the phone and waited outside for my mom she took just ten minutes. 'What are you doing Emma we are going to take the Cadillac ' my mom the lawyer said. Cool I thought and got in the passengers seat buckled in and turned on the radio. I cruised to school in a Cadillac it was only a 5 min ride my mom dropped me off in the front and said 'Have a good day Emma' 'Thanks Mom' I said as I waved bye and walked into school. I smiled instantly for right as I walked in they where handing out the new issue of the schools newspaper. I looked through and it didn't take me long for write on the front page was Stop and Go Stops and Saves! It was my article on the front page I was ecstatic I walked to homeroom with a smile but it seemed I was the only one. I walked all through school and people looked at me then I went to lunch to soon find out why. 'Hey girls I'm back' I said gleefully. They responded talking all at once and it seem they were mad. They eventually all quieted down and then Susie told me the reason behind the hustle and bustle 'Garrison Mortion is our sworn rival we lost the playoff game to them and you put one of them on the front page' she said a little aroused. I looked at her astonished 'He saved your life and here your yelling at me!' 'Doesn't mean he should get the student spotlight it means one of our survivors should' one of the other cheerleaders said. Well then I thought ' Listen the survived wouldn't of happened without this' Some other cheerleader exclaimed finishing my sentence incorrectly 'traitor from another school who whips floors and wishes to grow up and be a soccer star!' 'No.. this hero he saved 3 lives he doesn't even play on the football team so how is it his fault for the playoffs?! If you can't be mature then I don't want to captain a squad who is a bunch of inconsiderate' JERKS' I said as I stormed away. I ate my lunch on the grass but little did I know the worst was yet to come. The newspaper meeting after school was a little more settled there was a little yelling and a little arguing but in the end it was just a unanimous conscious I would never write for the paper again geese people these days are so self-centered and involved in sports!
The next day at school was a basically just like the last everyone at lunch heard me yell and it spread around quickly! I decided to go out for lunch that day I asked my mom to borrow her Cadillac and drove to McDonalds I had a premium chicken salad and then went back to school no one really talked to me unless it was either my newspaper, or debate meetings. Though I did have more time for school work and the valedictorian spot was still said to have my name on it. That's basically how the next week was and then it was posted prom was going to be in 2 weeks and it's theme was Monte Carlo! The poster looked promising but I didn't that day at school I ran into Greg he didn't really talk to me since the accident so I was going to have to ask 'Hey Greg I hear prom's theme is going to be Monte Carlo and it's supposed to be a lot of fun.' 'Umm Yeah I heard that too' he said as we walked down the hall. 'So I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go with me' I asked. He didn't exactly respond in a pleasant way 'listen Emma I'm already taking Susie and it wouldn't exactly be good for my image to be seen with a traitor.' 'So you too someone saves you and even though he has nothing to do with the playoffs you think he's a traitor' I said as a little angry. 'Well basically yeah' Greg said like it was nothing he doesn't even deserve a response I just stamped away I had a drive I had to make besides it was lunch time. I drove my moms Cadillac again but this time with an article in my hand and to Conner's house time to pay another house visit. I remembered where his house was and rang his doorbell surprisingly he felt better for his ankle seemed healed and he answered the door. 'Hi I need to talk to you' I said kind of inviting myself in. 'Hi would you like to come in' he said sarcastically. I went and sat on his couch his mother wasn't home and plopped the article in front of him. 'Wow he said good mug shot it seems you might have a future as a journalist good for you' he said doing a once over on glance on the article. ' That article is the reason I'm getting ridiculed at school the guy I wanted to go with to prom is going with my best friend, the cheerleading squad yeah I quit that by yelling at them in the middle of the cafeteria, I'm afraid to go to any school games because I might get tomatoes or something thrown at me and my prom date might be the caption of the chess team' I said in a huff. 'I feel bad for you but I didn't tell you to write the article you're the one that came over here and interviewed me. The cheerleading squad tissie is your anger problems, football games just go with confidence and a raincoat, and as far as prom goes at least you have a chance to find a date I go back to school the day of prom' he said kind of calmly. 'Hey how's your ankle and arm feeling' I asked. 'It ends up that my wrist is only slightly sprained and my ankle it can be fixed with Tylenol' he said as he walked into the kitchen and I followed him 'Hey you want some macaroni my mom made a bunch and it's right around lunch time' he asked nicely. I had no chance but to take some I was hungry! 'Hey what are you doing this Saturday' I asked .'Nothing why will I have something within the next 5 mins' he asked with a puzzled look? 'Wait there was something I did want to go to but I wasn't sure'' he said shying away. 'Well what is it?' I asked. 'The championship game for soccer is this Saturday I can't play but I still have a say I can get us on the field?' he said with doubt. 'OOHH on the field now that's an experience I can drive us I mean unless you wanna drive my mom's Cadillac' I said with a little glee. 'No that's ok you can drive your mom's car but only if I can bring the umbrella incase of tomatoes' he said jokingly as he we sat down and cowed down on Mac and Cheese. We laughed for a little and didn't talk until we where done with our Mac and Cheese as he was leading me to the door for lunch period was ending in 15 mins enough time for me to get back to school and to class. We both said our goodbyes and I said 'Thanks for the cheese I'll come by around noon to pick you up on Saturday ' he nodded. I watched my step as I walked out and saw a doormat that said CHANGE I quietly whispered 'Yes.' For in the eternal words of Barrack Obama 'Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.'
On Friday I walked to the Stop and Go for breakfast and my dad was going to meet me down there to drive me to school. I walked in to find Conner back at his cashier post he smiled and nodded as I walked in. Then I turned to see Susie getting her Slimfast and Fruit Cup I went up and got my usual hash brown but this time no Disani my dad was going to bring me one I got in line behind Susie. She looked over her shoulder and clearly saw me she then turned around and I thought oh geese here we go. 'Listen Emm's we have been friends since pre-K now we don't even talk to each other I mean come on let's go outside at our usual spot and chat' she said with a shy smile. I smiled back and said 'Sure.' 'Hey let's have some fun like old times the soccer looser is going to ring us up I'm going to knock the kids in front of me milkshake over on him wanna join in? ' she asked not even thinking this kid saved her life and she's repaying him by spilling a milkshake on him. She didn't wait for an answer Conner was ringing up the kid and Susie went in for the spill and I didn't even do anything I just let her spill it. The little kid said 'Hey that was mine you better get me another one!' Susie responded heartless 'Oh just go play hopscotch pipsqueak!' Conner just sat there rubbing his uniform with napkins like it was nothing he sat there defenseless thinking he couldn't stand up to Susie not even when she said 'Oh did I do that oops why don't you just do your job clean up on aisle you' she followed that with her usual howling laughter. I was really disquieted it looked like Conner was going to say something he opened his mouth and then just rolled his eyes and went back to cleaning himself just then my dad pulled up I knew that right there it was game-time Susie was going to get what she deserved. I left my hash brown on the counter went outside got the water bottle my dad handed me and went back inside where Susie was still the only one laughing. I went right up to her and she turned around perfect timing I opened my water bottle and poured it all over her 'there Susie I had my fun just like old times what about you oh wait your to self absorbed to think about anyone else but yourself what you did to the little kid was rude why don't you get him another milkshake Oh and while your at it why don't you apologize to Conner cause if you didn't remember he saved you life he's a nice guy who I don't care what you think about because I'm going to his championship soccer game this Saturday!' The little kid was laughing by now and Conner smiled while mouthing Thank You I went up to the counter paid for my hash brown and walked out with Susie still astonished that somebody actually stood up to her I saw her lips peruse as my dad drove out I then knew it was Game-on!
Tomato Goal!
That Friday my dad drove me to school and he saw what I did to Susie and knew not to bother me at the moment so he drove me to school in silence. He dropped me off handed me $15 for lunch and said he would pick me up at the ice cream place at 2:25 I said 'I'll see you then' I love you' I kissed him on the forehead and slammed the door. I ran up the steps to school and sprinted to homeroom I was 4mins later then usual because of the whole Susie soakers fiasco. I made it to homeroom on time and went through the rest of the day until 2nd block when Susie finally dried off then returned to school. We sort of faced off in the hall she starred me down then as she passed she whispered 'Lint Licker' I turned around (you thought I was honestly just going to take that pah-lease) ' so Susie soakers I see you inherited a new talent a human towel you absorbed that water nicely but it looks like you still have split ends.' Susie hates her hair being anything but perfect now was the time to go for the kill 'oh and have fun at prom when you use your talent again to absorb my sloppy seconds!' I walked away fiercely not going to even give her a chance to retort back. The rest of the day everybody stared me down those were known as the Susie followers but amazingly some people gave me thumbs up I didn't see Susie the rest of the day some say she ran straight to the bathroom to check her hair but I know Susie better then that she doesn't go down without a fight she is going to retort I'll just have to see how and when.
The game was at 1pm so I woke up at about 10am from the sound of my alarm clock. I had laid my cloths out the night before and my robe was on the bathroom door. So I woke up grabbed my cloths and went into the bathroom for the monotonous routine of me taking a shower. Conner was going to pick me up at noon because he said the game was a little while away so I had put a granola bar in my purse and brought $10 with me for lunch. I got out of the shower scrunched my hair and got dressed. I went downstairs and my dad was already up in the kitchen brewing a cup of coffee. He looked towards me as I walked into the kitchen and spoke 'your mother told me that the Stop and Go boy is taking you to a championship soccer game but umm Emma do you even know what soccer is?' 'Of course I do dad it's a bunch of guys who kick over a black and white ball until they break it free; they pass it around while playing a game of keep away from the other team until they get towards the opposing teams goal where they kick the ball and make a goal' I knew a little about soccer enough to follow it anyway just not the specific terms and rules. He shrugged in approval and asked me if I wanted any eggs I took a few and grabbed a granola bar as I headed out of the kitchen to eat my eggs in the living room. My mom was sitting there glancing over a few books, and documents while eating a Mcmuffin. I turned on the TV and watched a re-run of Laguna Beach I ate my eggs in utter silence my mom was sternly at work the only indication of my dad was the crinkling of newspaper as coffee brewed. Laguna Beach ended I had finished my eggs and I walked back upstairs to dry my hair and put on finishing preparations Conner was going to pick me up in 1hour. An hour later a knock was at the door and I answered it no surprise it was Conner he asked if I was ready I nodded yes. I yelled to my parents 'I'm leaving I'll be back by 5!' We walked down my pathway in silence and he opened my car door I said thank you and sat down in the passenger seat of his Bentley. We buckled in then started the car we started to drive and head towards the highway 'So who exactly are you guys playing are they any good?' I asked to attempt to strike a conversation. 'Were playing Robertson Martsion there supposedly really good but our team will be better' he replied enthusiastically. 'I'm actually surprised your coming with me I mean it's not even your school ' he took the hint and striked a conversation. 'Well I figured you guys needed a cheerleader so I decided to volunteer' I decided to joke with him. 'The team is going to need it we have the skills but we don't really have a lot of spirit' he responded. 'Well I'm sure your team will win even though they don't have their starring forward' I elbowed him in the ribs. He let out a chuckle and shifted into the left lane to get off at an exit he stopped at a Sunoco 'I have to get gas unless you want to get out and push the car it will only take 5 mins we're only about 30 mins away if you want to get something there's a little store inside' he pointed in the direction of the store it was small but it had what seemed like a semi-ckean bathroom and I had to go pee! My glancing eyes gave the indication that I was going to go in Conner opened my door I said 'Thank you' he nodded his head and went to the fill the as tank as I rushed to take a leak. As I opened the door the little bell rang and the 16 yr old high school girl who looked like she didn't even care if somebody robbed the place didn't even glance up as I walked passed her to the bathrooms that were surprisingly clean. I quickly took a pee then I washed my hands and I couldn't believe it I was actually checking my makeup and hair I don't normally do this unless is it possible I like Conner! Well maybe I mean more then a friend possibly and I hope a prom date I pondered all this as I applied cover up, light eye shadow and a dab of gloss. I walked out of the bathroom refreshed then there was the sight of that 16 yr old I was going to be normal me I said 'hey what's up my name's Emma what's yours?' She didn't seem all that interested I mean a weird girl coming up and asking her name but she sighed and said 'Clara is there anything I can do for you and your'' she glanced in the direction of Conner and snapped her head back 'boyfriend.' I was stunned did we really look like a couple? 'I just waned to talk you seem my age Clara and mighty cool!' yeah I was psyched out I used might and cool in the same sentence while talking to a girl who runs a Sunoco convient store. She put down her magazine and actually looked somewhat surprised some human was talking to her 'well that's nice I'm 17 yrs old I go to Garrison Mortion it's a while's drive from here but hey it's a job.' 'No no I know where it is that's where my FRIEND ( emphasized the word friend) is from we are on our way to the championship soccer game.' 'oh I'm sorry you just looked like a couple ' hey did you say soccer m boyfriend's the goalie he's also tight end on the football team' she kinda daydream when she mentioned her boyfriend that gave me a brilliant idea. 'Then why don't you come with us?' 'Oh that's sweet of you to invite me but I have to work but hey on your way back tell me the score' she seemed semi disappointed she couldn't go. 'I'll do one better give me you digits so I can call you and tell you the score and maybe to hang out' I 'm a social butterfly always taking new friend under my wing. Clara took out her Blackberry gave me her number and I took out my Instinct and gave her mine. We said our goodbyes and I walked out to the car. Conner opened my door and let me slide in then started the car up again and started back on the road again. After awhile I didn't seem to notice that I had nodded off I woke up my head to the window and Conner crusing on the highway 'hey look sleepyhead up we are almost there the trip and you adventure is almost over.' 'What do you mean?' I grumpily said. 'It seems back at the gas station you made a friend and if you haven't already noticed you took a snooze I call that an adventure' he kept his eyes on the road he was a careful driver. 'Yeah well her name is Clara and she actually goes to your school and her boyfriend is your goalie.' 'Oh well yeah I remember her now she shows up to some of our practices makes out with Greg before games'' he let's out a chuckle ' he calls it his good luck loving.' I kinded gagged in my mouth well that's their preferences. We continued to talk about the rest of his team and their kinky habits and before we knew it we were parking in a lot.. 'Well here we are the game's about to start in 10 mins.' he told me as we walked across the gravel parking lot. We walked our way over to a stadium with a bunch of soccer players running drills Conner led me over to the away sides and picked out a front row (well they were metal bleachers) he couldn't be in the game but he wanted to get as close as he could get.. His team mated went into their locker room about 3 mins later an announcer greeted everyone and announced the teams onto the field. Apparently soccer was a big sport because there was at least 500 people there from both sides cheering their teams on during the game.. It was intense but at half time they were tied each at 7 and they called Conner onto the field. But he never really made out to midfield there was a bunch of people who like ran by threw tomatoes at him said 'GOALL' laughed and ran off. Conner was humiliated and I was goanna humiliate and obliterate the person who did this I knew who it was my excheerleaders they were not that smart I could see the uniform I used to flaunt while their jackets flapped when they ran.. Tbey really thought a Tomato goal was funny but we'll see if they laugh when something happens to them.
'I don't get mad, I get even'
The girls were going to pay for it I picked up my phone for an accomplice who I thought would be glad to help considering they then continued to throw a tomato at a certain goalie. 'Hello Clara hey it's Emma I stopped by earlier and I think you should really come to the game there's an little predicament' I told Clara the girl from the gas station. No sooner did I finish my conversation and hung up she was over there. I motioned towards the idiots who decided to throw to tomatoes and stay well neatless to say her boyfriend might be the tight end but the girl sure can tackle.

The author's comments:
This piece is a continued pice from A Bang A Smach and A chnage!

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