Bright Lights, City Nights

March 5, 2009
By Julianna Kennedy BRONZE, Brookfield, Nova Scotia, Other
Julianna Kennedy BRONZE, Brookfield, Nova Scotia, Other
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The stars shimmer radiantly like diamonds in the endless stretch of midnight silk that is the night sky. A warm, amber glow arises from the core of the city, marring the inky perfection of the sky, but in a strikingly beautiful way. The tall, glossy buildings glint in the moonlight ' they are chrome statues standing majestically in the distance, reaching into the unknown.
It is nighttime in Calgary, Alberta, but the city is still very much alive.
She stands on the top of the hill, the lukewarm midnight air rushing through her short coffee-brown locks. The soft glow of the moon illuminates her young face, the excitement and wonder evident in her shining hazel eyes.
She can hear the aqua-tinted river flowing below her. The sound of cars smoothly rushing along the causeway lulls her into a state of relaxation. She grasps the worn, flaking wood fence and closes her eyes slowly, letting the wind sway her slightly.
She never thought that she could feel so unrestrained, so exultant, in a city that is constantly changing, constantly in motion.
She blends into the crowd of people, full of importance, full of direction. No one knows who she is. She can leave behind her faults, her mistakes, her past ' her identity. She can be someone completely and utterly deviant; she can be someone new. It is so unlike her home in Nova Scotia, but yet, she feels so cozy in this metropolis of millions.
I am home, she thinks, as she smiles to herself.

The author's comments:
This wasn't meant to be a story with a point - it's meant to paint a picture in your mind. I wrote it for an English assignment, and so many people loved it, I decided that I wanted it out in the publishing world.
This was based upon my trip to Calgary, in the summer of 2009. The main character is in fact me; but I glamorized the situation, and added much description to it.

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