Shark Encounter

November 9, 2016
By , Cupertino, CA

My sister, mom, dad and I were at a beach, on the coast of Maui, Hawaii. Playing in the water, having a good time. I never really liked the beach, all the sand and mud, it’s just gross.

“It’s getting cold, can we go back to the hotel now?” I asked.

“C’mon, enjoy the beach,” replied my dad.

My dad and I went on arguing for a solid five minutes, until he gave in. But,just as we stopped to turn around  we heard a high pitched scream.

“SHARK!!!” a woman screamed.

Everyone looked at the blue fin sticking out of the water. A rush of fear struck my heart, just like the day that I had played Five Nights at Freddy’s for the first time. The only thing that moved in my body was my eyes, following the fin.

“Everyone, get out of the water!” my dad, and a couple other men yelled.

People tried to get out of the water, but we found out that the shark had friends. These sharks looked like Blue Reef Sharks, because they are the only sharks that use the “surrounding method.” Everyone was chattering about where the lifeguard was, until someone read the sign hung a little away. It said  that  he was on break, and another lifeguard wasn’t going to be there for the next five minutes.Sharks are smart creatures, so it probably saw there was no lifeguard, and took the chance.

  “Oh no, Houston, we have a problem,” I said, trying to make it sound less like a joke.

I saw all the women on the shore go on their phones. They  probably searched up what to do in a shark encounter at the beach, with no lifeguard. It was complete chaos, because people were pushing each other to be in the middle of the crowd, where the sharks can’t see them. Everyone on shore were telling the people in the water to calm down, but they couldn't,and I totally understood. I'm not sure how I understood, because I had never been in a life or death situation. I remembered from surfing the internet that making loud noises hurts a shark.Everyone brought things that make loud noises, such as pots and pans, megaphones, and whistles. Everyone made noises at the same time, and it was so loud I thought my ears were going to blow.

“Is it working?” I asked.

    “I don’t know,” my sister replied.                                     

“Look, they’re going away!” my dad says, as the sharks got startled, they started to swim away from us, and off to the horizon.

My family and I left the beach immediately, and jumped into the hotel pool jacuzzi.

“That was crazy, wasn’t it? That was probably the first, and the last time something like that is going to happen to us,” my mom says.

“I hope so,” I said, scared for my life.
“C’mon, that wasn't so bad,” My dad said, excited.

We talked about this experience for 30 minutes, then we went  to dinner, happy we had experienced a life or death situation.

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