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November 8, 2016
By Obeyin.1 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Obeyin.1 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving," - albert einstein.

My name is Jay V., and i'm a freshman in high school. My family and i live in california, sacramento. My family is like my everything to me. One of my favorite hobbies are  volleyball,soccer, and etc. It's my favorite sport. Although, when i’m not playing those two sports and i have like extra spare time, i either do art or draw. In the future i want to live by the bay and enjoy my time there. Hoping it will come true.

My lovely family are like my everything. They had cared for me every since birth. They have taught me well. When i get older I will do anything to make them happy. Anything with family related, you can always count me in. family is very important. The word family makes me happy and think positive. Whenever i’m feeling down down,i always will think of my family. Family is really really important to me as you can see. Hopefully when i grow up i will grow up respecting my family.

On my spare times, I will usually play volleyball or soccer with friends and family. Whenever i see a volleyball I straight up play volleyball. I love playing volleyball the most, soccer is like a lot of running, but volleyball isn't that much work. I will get serious when i play volleyball. I mean only sometimes but I also joke around playing volleyball. Right now i can say is that volleyball is on my mind. Always thinking if i can actually be a volleyball game.

On my other spare times, i love painting and doing art. It really helps me in life. My whole life is counting right on art right now. It relaxes me and also gives me peace. When i get bored, art is always there for me. It’s like one of my best thing ever. I can’t really explain it, because it is awesome. Most of the times i do sketch or drawing. But mostly sketch, I mean i wasn’t that good from the start but now i am and it really helps me in life to calm or give myself peace. Everything about it is perfect.    

My future, i want to have a awesome future in my life. I want to live in my very own beach house or probably live by the bay. Many many other places but the bay will be awesome. I am willing to do any just to get me to live in the bay. I want to friends and family to visit me and have a good time at the beach. Maybe if in the future those things won't happen then i'll probably be traveling the world. Many places has been undiscovered and I want to do the exact thing. Exploring or traveling everywhere. I really think my future will be awesome if i would just study really really hard and enjoy my life. Everything will go well if I just believe in myself. Also in my future I would love to enjoy more time with my parent. The one who took care of me since birth and never stopped caring for me. They are like the best thing ever in my life, hopefully in the future I will treat them like they treated me. And take good care of them. That will probably it for my future. Just hoping that it will end pretty well and good.

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