The Hardest Day of My Life

November 3, 2016
By , Zionsville, IN

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! Sounded my alarm clock early this morning, date September 11, 2001 time 5:45am.
“Aubrey it’s time for breakfast hurry up and get ready so you’re not late for school and I’m not late for work please, I need to make sure I get to the Twin Towers in time today. I have a huge meeting today and I can’t be late.” said mom.
“Okay mom, I’ll be down in just a minute.” I shouted back to her.
I hurried and threw my clothes on and ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair, for some reason I had a strange feeling about today but I’m not sure exactly what that’s about yet. I finally finished brushing through my thick long blonde hair, then I quickly ran down the stairs to finally eat breakfast.
“Aubrey what took you so long it took you a lot longer than usual to get ready today?” asked mom.
“I just had a strange feeling about something today,” I responded “I’m just not quite sure what it’s about yet.”
Then I quickly ate my delicious, perfectly made pancakes, I wish I could have enjoyed them longer but there wasn’t any time for that at all. After I ate my three pancakes each one in three bites, I grabbed my stuff and ran to my mom’s car, without looking while I was running I tripped over my dog and busted my lip open. Great I thought what a great way to start the day now my mom’s really going to kill me. She came over and helped me up and screamed because of all the blood, little did we know that was barely any blood compared to how much she was going to see later that day.
“Let’s take you to the Emergency room, my meeting doesn’t start for two hours, so we have a little bit of time before I need to be at work.”  my mom said worriedly.
After we got out of our half hour of traffic we finally made it to the emergency room, I still don’t know what’s going on today but I can sense something is up. The doctor finally came in after about ten minutes.
“Ahh Aubrey, what happened this time hopefully it’s not another bone.” the doctor said jokingly.
Hahaha I thought “Surprisingly no, this time I tripped over my dog and I busted my lip open. It’s all okay thought because I don’t have to be at school for another hour.”
For the next half an hour or so I had doctors poking at my lip, messing around with it, and stitching it up so it would heal faster and so that I would have a lesser chance of getting bacteria onto my lip. After that was over I found out that they would take the stitches out in one and a half weeks.
“Okay” my mother responded to the doctor after he told us the news.
“See you guys in a couple of weeks!” he said joyfully.
Little did we know then; it would be just me attending the appointment next week.
  Afterwards, my mom took me took McDonalds to get some ice cream to supposedly make my lip feel better. Shortly after that she took me to school so she wouldn’t miss her meeting, since she had to drive an hour and a half to get to the Twin Towers.
“Bye honey, see you later love you honey, I hope your lip feels better!” she exclaimed.
“Bye mom, love you too, have a great day see you later!”
I ran into the school so I wouldn’t miss anymore school than I absolutely had to miss.
“Hello Aubrey! Welcome back, your mom called here’s your pass and I hope your lip feels better. It’s 8:00am so you’re in the last twenty minutes of your first period, what class are you going to?” the secretary asked.
“Umm social studies,” I responded nervously because I remembered I forgot to do my homework.
“Okay honey, have a great day! Oh yeah you have a substitute in social studies!” she told me happily.
Okay, I thought so I sprinted to my locker to put my things away so I could make it to social studies with at least a little bit of time left. I looked at my watch 8:10am. Guess I spent a little too much time in the office but that’s okay I’ll still make it to class with time left. I grabbed my books and shoved my stuff into my locker and ran to class.
I opened the door and it make a loud squeaky noise, once I actually walked in everyone gave me a death stare like I had just murdered someone or something. Maybe they knew something that I didn’t, maybe I would find out what that something was but who knows,
“Pass please?” Mrs. Miller asked.
“Oh yeah here you go” I responded passing her the note.
I went and sat down at my chair, and grabbed my textbook and started to get to work on my vocabulary lesson for the day because I knew if I didn’t do it now I would have way too much homework just for social studies tonight.
The bell rang and I only had one more page left to do, now I was headed off to second period time 8:27. I went back to my locker to put my social studies stuff away and got my stuff out for language arts and headed there.
I got to class and found my seat, then the bell rang for the start of class 8:33am. We got out our purple books and we started to read a short passage from the book. Around ten minutes after we got to class the secretary got on the announcements and said “Everyone get into your safe spot I’ll come back on and explain later.”
Earlier in social studies I was worried but now I was terrified about whatever was happening around us.
During these fifteen minutes I couldn’t really remember anything that happened- at all. It was such a confusing mind boggling time I was too caught up in my own thoughts. During those fifteen minutes I didn’t even think about what was happening or anything really. I was trying to keep happy thoughts, but no matter what I thought of, the tears were still flowing like a waterfall into the ocean. 
Fifteen minutes after we had been in hiding she came back on, but this time she sounded like she was crying, and she’s one of the toughest people I’ve ever known. “The-the Twin Tower bu-buildings ha-have been crashed into.” I tried to keep it in but it just all came out of me, I couldn’t help it any longer. My mom she was the only one I had, my dad left us when I was young.
Most parents came to pick up their kids because they didn’t know what was going to happen afterwards, all of the teachers turned on the news so that we could stay up to date on what was going on. Then I got called down to the office, I thought the secretary just wanted to talk to me so I put everything in my locker and walked down to the office.
Then I saw a familiar figure, it was my mother! “Oh my gosh your alive!” I screamed to her.
“Yes honey I am.” she said proudly. “My meeting got canceled last minute because they incorrectly told everyone the date, so they had rescheduled my meeting for in two weeks. So, I was heading to the office but I heard the towers had been crashed into so I hurried my butt over here to pick you up.”
Man, I have never been so excited to see my mom in my life I thought to myself

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