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November 7, 2016
By , kalamazoo, MI

Hiroshi was living a normal life until one day when he woke up what he knew was the real world was no more. He lived in Tokyo Japan lived with his mom and his little sister Lucy who was only five. Hiroshi never got to meet his dad because he left him and his mom when Hiroshi wasn't even one year old. He went to school at Miyagi High School and was the best in his class. When he went home it was really late so he went right to sleep not knowing that everything would change in the morning.


When he woke up he started his day like normal then on his way to school.He saw two people fighting each other and he didn't understand why they were so he just kept walking. He then noticed that he could see health bars and levels of everyone he saw. He tried asking people and they just acted like they didn't hear him. So he went back home and he saw the two people still fighting.

He was about to tell them to stop fighting but then he saw it. He saw one of the two use magic and he looked closer and he noticed that he could see their health and level as if he was in a game. After the two had noticed he was watching they both stopped fighting and came after him.He ran as fast he could and on his way home he saw this girl who'd he had never seen before, she had bright red hair with scarlet colored eyes. As he walked towards her he noticed she had a sword at her waist. When she turned around she dashed towards him as if she was trying to kill him. He turned around and ran away again. After he lost her he started to try and think of reasons why these people would try and kill him. After a while he started walking home again when suddenly he saw zombies and the whole atmosphere changed. hiroshi tried to fight his way through the zombies and looked like he was almost to the end of whatever he was in. So he kept going and when he got to the end it looked like he had made it back to the normal world again.

So this time he was very cautious about going to his house constantly hearing a noise and freaking out about it. When he finally got home he felt relieved and safe.When Hiroshi got to his room he kept hearing something tapping his window. So he slowly opened it and  he saw a person. He freaked out about it and thought he was just imagining this but then he realized that it was the same girl from earlier today.Then the girl said “do you know what's happening to you .”

Hiroshi said “ first why are you here and what is your name and, no I have no idea what's happening and why all these things are happening to me and Another thing why did you attack me earlier today.”

She said “ i'm here to inform you about what is happening to you and my name is akame i'm part of a society that's hidden to the real world. Its called the underworld and people from this society are coming after you so you need to be prepared and I wasn't trying to attack you, I was coming to talk to you”

Hiroshi said “ What kind of person dashes towards someone with a sword just to talk to them, people I know walk up to them but anyways why are these people after me and what is the underworld and why can i see things that other people can't.”

Akame said “ We didn't have to time to casually talk I was gonna quickly take you to somewhere safe and the underworld is a society where corrupt deals are made and magic is used and you have a rare ability to make your life into a game and people want to kill you to take your ability and sell it in the underworld.”

She told him to meet me at the library at noon. When he got there he saw the Akame and five other people. Hiroshi slowly walked towards.They said if you want to be able to defend yourself you're going to need to learn some magic of some sort. So they asked him what kind of magic he wanted to learn. Hiroshi said “something powerful”

So they found some basic but strong magic books and he looked at and when he looked at it a message popped up in front of him it read do you want to learn ball of fire Yes or no. he clicked yes and then he instantly was able to use it all he had to do was say the name of the spell. Once he told them this they gave him some complicated magic scrolls and when he picked them up it said he had to be level 49 or higher to learn it. He realizes that in order to be helpful he will need to train. So he goes back to his house trying to find whatever thing he found last time because he knew he was able to beat the zombies and he might be able to level up from them. On his way back the same exact thing happened and he ended up in the same place. So he repeatedly killed the zombies and was steadily getting better at it. He could feel himself getting stronger the more he killed the zombies. Hiroshi kept doing this until he was used to how the world looked and until he knew how to fight and could do it comfortably.

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