A Life for a Text

March 10, 2009
By Tyler Witham BRONZE, Alexander, Arkansas
Tyler Witham BRONZE, Alexander, Arkansas
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Erica left her boyfriends house at 11:40 hurrying to make it home by a 12 o' clock curfew. They had only been together for 3 months but she knew she was in love. When she got in her car, the first thing she did before even buckling up was put her phone in her lap. She knew she would get a text from him.

At 11:45 the text she anticipated came. Erica picked the phone up not knowing that she crossed the yellow line. The text said, 'I'm already missing you'. When she looked up, her stomach was so full of butterflies thinking he may actually love her.

She awoke from her daydream to the sound of a honking horn and screeching tires. Erica had hit the car head on. Her stomach that was so full of butterflies became a hard rock. Her mind that was clouded with thoughts of him was now racing. What had she done; was the first thought that came to her mind. Both cars were totaled, and she only had minor injuries. But what about the person in the other car? She walked over to it. There was a mom and a younger boy. Both were unconscious. She couldn't think straight, but she remembered her phone; the one that caused this horrible accident. She rushed to go find it.

While dialing 911, she was crying uncontrollably, thinking how could she have done this? She had text so many times while driving and nothing like this had ever happened before. Everyone text while they drove. Why her? Why now? She didn't remember the police showing up. She didn't remember the ride to the hospital. All she could remember was how many times her mom had told her to quit texting while she was driving, and how she kept thinking she was invincible and nothing like this will ever happen. But now she is not invincible she feels small and so disgusted with herself.

After the doctors had fixed her broken arm she had to deal with the police. The police got her story and gave her the court date, and after that she was free to go. While her parents wanted to go home to forget about this horrible night, she wanted to stay. She wanted to see how her victims were. She wanted to see if they were okay.

As she walked down the hall she heard a woman crying very loudly. When she finds where the crying is coming from, she sees the crying woman. Her face has cuts, bruises, and tears on it but she knows exactly who it is. The woman is the same one whose face will forever be ingrained in her head. The one who lost her son because all she wanted to do was read a text.

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on Mar. 20 2009 at 9:31 pm
NymphadoraTonks BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
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This is really good!


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