March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Every day was the same for me, wake up, gather food, eat, watch out for predators, sleep, start over. On my island, nothing ever changed, except for when the gorillas travel and make a new home. I was the only one of my species here. I don't even know if there others like me anywhere. The gorillas and monkeys even made me a name, screech-pound-screech-screech.

Then something changed. Black air came in from over the water. It smelled bad and hurt my throat. And then something came. It looked like one of the whales that sometimes came near shore. But it was bigger, and it made black hurt-throat air from it's blow holes. Then it's front end dropped down and someone like me came out of the big black hurt-throat air whale. The thing that looked like me saw me and made a noise that I could not understand. He looked scared. Then some more of the things came down. These ones were carrying black hollow sticks.

One of them pointed a stick at the sky and it made a big sound and a flash of light and more black hurt-throat air. I was scared and cried out in fright. Then the first one smiled and said something else. It was obvious that he saw I didn't understand and didn't want to hurt me.

The nice one held out what looked like a piece of wood with holes in it. He said something that sounded like, 'food, cracker.' he then took a bite out of it and smiled. He held it out to me. I went closer and took the thing cautiously. I ate it. It tasted good. I smiled. He then said something else to the others. He then pointed at himself and said, 'John.' I took this to be his name. I pointed at myself and said 'screech-pound-screech-screech'. He frowned.

John took me up to the big whale and carried me onto it. I smiled. The front of the whale then went up. I was alarmed. John said something soothingly and took me into the belly of the whale. Another man came at John's call and nodded. John gave me to the man who then said that his name was Matt. Matt took me to a room that had a big square in the middle of it. He put me on the square, which turned out to be soft, and covered me in a smaller square. I fell asleep.

Over the next few weeks, Matt came in with food and something that made colors on another white thing. He taught me how to talk in the weird language that they called English. I was not very good at it, but I could understand what the people were saying now. I once asked when they were going to take me home, but they didn't answer.

Then we saw land. But it wasn't like my home. Everything here was gray and bleak and the air hurt. They took me onto the land and into a big building. The people there took care of me and made me do things and asked me questions that I couldn't answer. But nothing was ever bad and they gave me food, so I didn't complain.

The next few years of my life were spent here, and they gave me a name. Wild-boy. Then they moved me into a smaller building where only my personal trainer, me, and one of the people from the big building lived. They called it a house, but I said that my home was in the forest near the fresh pond. They didn't like that.

Then, one day, the ground shook, and there was a big boom and lots of people screaming. I was scared. The others came and said two words that I hadn't heard before, Nuclear attack. They loaded people onto the big whales that they called boats. The boats went out on the water and kept going. I was loaded onto a boat, too.

The boats traveled for many weeks out on the water. We eventually ran out of food and had to fish. Then we ran out of fuel because the boats hadn't been full when we started. We started drifting. One day, about two months after we left the harbor, the lookout that was always up in the tall room at the top of the boat shouted, 'Land, Land!' and everyone scrambled to the front of the boats, of which only three were left, the others had sunk, and saw an island.

It was an island that I recognized. I said one word, 'Home'. Many people looked at me in surprise, for they did not know who I was. Only one person did. He said my name, Wild-boy. I knew his voice. John. The ships landed, and everyone walked unsteadily off of the boats. John notified the captains and told them how I knew how to survive here.

Over the next years of my life, I showed the people how to live on the island, home. Occasionally a plane would fly overhead, and everyone would get out of sight because we didn't know whose plane it was. I showed the people what food to eat and not to eat, where the freshwater springs where, and where the predators made their homes.

The people made me their leader because I had saved them from extinction, and over the years, as more generations of the wild-people(this is what they called themselves) grew, I grew older, and I died. The first leader of the wild-people gone, they chose another, and a great chain of the wild-peoples' leaders was made, and my people and I forged a new civilization, in my mind, the greatest ever to be made. And it was named after me, Wild-boy, and created on the soil that I had lived on and celebrated on for many, many years. My home. Home of the wild people.

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