Mysterious Ways

February 13, 2009
By NovelistJoshF. SILVER, Erin, Tennessee
NovelistJoshF. SILVER, Erin, Tennessee
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Sometimes days seem like they would never change. They would keep on going and going, like if it did change the world would end. This is Saul Brooner's philosophy. A regular day for him, would be getting up for work, having lunch, going back to work, leaving for home, eating a TV-dinner alone, and then dozing off to sleep. His life was plain and simple. He has never really done anything adventurous. He had no choice but to live in the same place he have lived all his life. Saul is afraid if he does something adventurous it would end up in tragedy. Saul really is a boring, monotonous kind of guy, who is single and has never been in a relationship before.

One day he wakes up, and does what he normally does every day before he leaves for work. He gets up brushes his teeth, showers, shaves the animal that came out of hibernation which is really his chin, and grabs a granola bar then leaves. Saul works at S & A Construction Inc. His job is in research and development. He was doing his job to the best of his ability, like he does every single day. Then all of a sudden, his boss marches up to him and says, 'You are fired!' Saul is shocked. The boss's name is John Jacob. His job is to manage everybody and see to it that they are doing their job. He is usually is very proper, and put together. He is never usually nervous nor does he succumb easily to anything stressful. At this particular moment he was shaking and mumbling. It was like he had just come out of a haunted house or from a seeing a scary movie. Saul said, 'I cannot believe this. Why am I getting fired?' John said,' I am just following orders.' Saul dropped his papers, packed his belongings, and left. If not, John had orders to call the authorities. The only reason he did that was because G-d told him to. G-d wanted him to do that so he could control where he was going.

Saul was thinking, while walking to his car at the bottom of the parking garage, why this had happened. Why did John seem so scared? I guess the boss really meant to fire me. I just wish he would have not been so harsh. Finally, he gets into his car and drives around. He stops at an old diner and gets pie ala-mode. He sulks in his sadness and fear because his mundane life had run off its scheduled course. There was no way of telling what happened but, he surely did not know what would happen. As he was playing with his food there was a voice inside his head telling him, 'Everything is going according to plan.' After that there was this great feeling inside his body that assured that. His body abruptly stood up and looked outside. There was a sign that said 'H.I.M' was sovereign over 'The World'. These are both of course bands that of which he did not know because he lives a shut-in life.

It is now dark outside and he had fallen asleep. All that he saw was just a dream. The waitress said, 'We'd be closing real soon.' He snapped out of his drowsiness and walked out of the diner. He looked around and found his car. Ha sat in it and put his head on the steering wheel. The horn went off and the force of his head hitting the steering wheel knocked a letter out of the sun visor onto his lap. The note was inscribed by H.I.M. He remembered that in his dream the sign had that name on it.
He read the letter it said:
Dear Saul,
You have forgotten about me. I have not forgotten about you. Something is going to happen tonight and you are going to fall into it. You first have to warn your co-worker. He will know what you are talking about. It will take over your company first because it is one of the major establishments in this small town. I will be coming soon. Don't Forget That!

P.S I want to see you after you're done.

With hope,

He geared up his car and headed off. The only guy he knew, besides his boss, is Frank Dolter. This is the only partner in his cubicle. He searched the glove compartment for the company's directory. The street address was 18273 Boulder Court. That was about five minutes away. He found the street, but the number 18273 was kind of worn off. It read 182 which was not the real number. He enters the driveway and shuts the car off. When he went to the door the lights turned on and the numbers three and seven were back up there. He looked confused but kept going. Saul knocks on the door and Frank answers. 'Hey, what's up? I heard that John was acting weird today and fired you', answered Frank.
'I know I guess it's one of those times they couldn't afford to pay me', said Saul surely.
'Come in, Come in', gestured Frank.
Saul came in and overlooked the place. It had a lived in look and papers were everywhere. He couldn't even find a place to sit. Frank went and moved over some clothes off the couch.
'So Frank, what do you know about people taking over the company tonight?' questioned Saul.
'Uh, now I can't tell much but I know that there are these people called the 'Dead Men'. They find companies that are in power and use that to gain more power. Most of the companies they own are very big corporate companies.'
'What? Do they have guns? How do they take over the companies?' asked Saul.
'They have associates in the head of all the companies,' told Frank.
'We have to do something about it,' demanded Saul.
'I know I will warn the company,' thought Frank.
'Before you do that, where is the bathroom? ', hurriedly said Saul.
'Upstairs and to the left' Frank answered.
Frank went to call the company and warn them about what is about to go down. Saul went upstairs and found the bathroom right next to the bedroom. He went in there and washed his face. Out of the blue there was this feeling of hatred and rage. He peeked out the window and these shady men got out of a black Mercedes and walked inside the house.

'I looked up what you had told me and there was another guy that worked there,' said a harsh voice.

'He's upstairs. The materials you need to take of him are right here under this pile of clothes on the floor', Frank had instructed him. The footsteps of doom are heading my way. Saul crawled out the window like a spider. When he saw the numbers again the three and the seven were gone again. He finally understood what that meant. The three and the seven are holy numbers. When something bad is happening they go away.
Since he lives in Washington, close to Seattle, he ran to some random cave at the edge of the beach in Seattle. As he was thinking to himself all he could think of was that he knew they would try to find him at whatever costs. The waves crashing against the rocks were like the 'Dead Men'. They would always try to get him but never could. When he was in the cave it was lighter than he thought it was. The feeling was kind of a safe feeling. In between the creaks there was a stomping. It was like a giant marching into the cave. The sound was carrying into the whole oblivion of the cave. He went to search for the sound and as he is walking the sound gets closer and closer until he comes up to it. The next corridor is where it is coming from. He peers around the corner and it stops. Saul pulls his head back around the corner. He slips on a rock and it gets its attention. Saul sees the dead man and they stare into each other's eyes for about five minutes. The eyes of them both are flaring with inquisitiveness. Before Saul could get a chance to say anything it was gone. He walked into the cave and before he could get any further the dead man jumped on him. He had him pinned against the wall and was choking him. It was looking into Saul eyes with evilness. 'I am going to kill you', said the voice.
Saul said, 'God, please help me I know I strayed but please help me savior.
'Your savior can't save you now', said the crazed man.
In a moment's notice there was a light tapping. It grew louder and louder until it turned into a marching. Finally, it sounded like it was coming towards them. A bright light appeared. It was like staring into the sun on a snowy day. When the crazed man looked at the light he fell down before it and disappeared. Saul also fell to the ground but, instead of disappearing he was bowing down before it. Before he could look into the light he was back at his cubicle at work. He knew right where to go.
The office of the CEO was just around the corner. He waltzed in and said, 'Stop this take over now.' The CEO stared at him blankly. 'There is no take over', said the CEO. A bright light came down and found all the figures that were hiding in the dark. They fell down and disappeared. The CEO was just thrown back.
'You have saved this take over. I will reward you for this I will also give you a new name. It will be Paul', says H.I.M.
It was morning and Saul had to turn off his alarm and get ready for work. When he woke up he found that he had a wife sleeping next to him and a baby in the crib. In awe he gets ready in a rush and leaves for work. He gets to work on time and finds that he doesn't have a cubicle any more. He works in the office around the corner. When Sunday came around, he took his wife and kid to church.

The reason for this story is to show how God works in 'mysterious ways' and destroys evil through his own people. If his people help God then he will reward them in the end and they would come to know him even if they have never heard of H.I.M.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a Church talent competition. I got a really high schore but did not win.

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drmeadow said...
on Mar. 30 2009 at 4:05 pm
Way to go, Josh! You dressed this up nicely, and your story/plot concept is remarkable! I wish I had your knack for coming creating storylines. I think I'm more of a developer and refiner myself. But you've created a good one here. I like the way you've woven symbolism into your story. You might consider being more subtle with it. What I mean is, don't feel like you have to explain all your images. It's more fun for the reader when you just leave clues and let us draw our own conclusions--or simply miss it if we're not sharp enough to do so :-) I'm so proud of you!

godlyman said...
on Mar. 20 2009 at 4:16 pm
WOW! WOW! This came from a teen? This should be in a movie or play. this is what our world needs is more teens doing things like this. steven spilburg watch out.

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