The Car

February 21, 2009
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It was a dark and stormy night, and I could hear the soft thud of the raindrops falling on the roof, the roar of thunder as if angry reminding me of my stomach growling. I was all alone at home. My mom was at a party for my brother?s friend. My dad had died when I was three, and I don?t remember him much. My mom said he was always gone out doing something for his work. Daddy had worked in a mechanical business with my uncle Henry they were brothers they would hang out constantly (as mom said). I?m thirteen now, and my name is Amy Wilson.

My dad?s name was Jack Wilson. My mom said he had died getting beaten up in a back alley. She says she doesn?t know for sure, but a person claimed to have seen the fight and thought it was my dad. The person said my dad was clearly out numbered, the man also said he tried to help, but the people were too strong and powerful. My dad?s car was stolen right before. Later, they found it parked by a dumpster the car was completely totaled. Uncle Henry has had eight years to work on my dad?s car, but never gets to it, he?s always saying he will bring it over soon, but he just has to get a new door.

My uncle is really creepy I say he has problems. (Well that?s what my brother and I think). First of all, his eyes are always crossed, just like a confused and dizzy pig. Next, he smells like he never has taken a shower (he probably doesn?t know what the word shower means). Thirdly,
when we come over he always tries to rush us out. The only time I went to his house was when my mom went for a vacation in Maui. This time was the creepiest moment of my life! My brother, Eric, and I witnessed something we wish we never knew.

Let me start from the beginning. Barley turned eleven at the time, just starting the 7th grade. ?Mom, I don?t want to stay with smelly Uncle Henry!? I yelled out loud so every one could hear. My brother Eric chimed in and said,?Yeah he?s weird and mean.? ?You little people you have to go that?s out only family member you?re staying with him if you like it or not, and I don?t want to hear any more.?
My mother sounded very mad and annoyed. We finally gave in and said; ?okay?
We started packing out clothes in out suitcases. My suitcase was blue with yellow and red flowers; Eric?s had an army print. We loaded our stuff into the car. I was wearing my favorite blue and white striped dress. The whole ride to uncle?s house was boring all we did was play with cards and listen to music.

?Were finally here? my mom said nudging me and my brother. Uncle Henry was standing on his patio drinking what looked like lemonade and listening to some tunes. He had greeted us with his biggest smile. Following my mom he gave him a hug. He smelt of beef jerky and sweat. ?Nice to see you little guys again! Follow me and I?ll show you your guest home you will be staying in. ?
He had hurt my ears with the high pitched voice. ?Well, I should get going or I?ll miss my plane.?
Eric and I hugged mom as hard as we could my brother was in between my and mom and I accidentally squished my brother. Mom hopped into her car and drove off leaving a dust cloud behind her. I looked around seeing my surroundings. The house was blocked off with a chained fence. ?Come on Eric we should start unpacking about now. ?
We started heading towards the guest home, but we stopped when we heard scurrying in the bush. Eric held onto me tightly. I peered in the bush and out ran a gray and white bunny. It is really boring as uncle?s house he wants us to stay in the house all day Eric and I can only watch Mexican soap operas that we don?t even understand.

The second day we were there, my uncle started up his car and my brother shot out of the house like a bullet. I turned around slowly looking out the window got my shoes on, and went outside to say good morning to my uncle. I could walk over there blindfolded and only use my nose to smell out where my uncle was he smelt so bad. Eric was at my
Uncle?s knees saying, ?Please take me with you.? I said angrily, ?Eric get up you going to get your new pants all dirty! ? Then I asked, ?Where he are you going?? He answered annoyed, ?The coffee shop.? I was dizzy for about ten seconds because of the nasty breath. I tried not to make it obvious, but I couldn?t help it I started to gag and couch wildly. My brother asked him again, but this time standing up, ?PLEASE?
My uncle seemed annoyed and angry he finally gave in and said, ?Yes.?
Eric jumped in the air and squealed, ?YIPEE?
My uncle asked if I wanted to go, but I said, ?No.?
I really wanted to explore before they came back. They started up the car and drove off. It was as if a blanket of gas covered me, nearly chocking me. I waved my hand in front of my face to push the gas away from me. After getting a glass of water from the mini fridge in our guest home, I was off to explore. I wanted to check out the house, but my uncle isn?t that dumb (even though most of the time it seems like it) he has an alarm system. Instead I checked out the garage where he keeps most of the things he is working on. Me needing to check out the garage because I really wanted to see my dad?s car. Mother had said that it was a red mustang with white stripes on the sides, every guy?s dream to have a mustang. I opened the garage door, peering inside, but only tools and benches with inches of dust piles on top. It was as if he had a collection of dust. Well, there was only one other place to look the old shed that my uncle said to stay away from because it was haunted. Like I believe in ghosts, what does he think I?m five? People only do that to keep kids away from things they don?t want us to look at; only making me more interested to look what was in there. I walked around the house to the old shed. It was old and rusty. I had to move so many trash cans out of the way. Why does one man need so many? They all smelt so bad I wanted to throw up. I moved quickly dodging trash cans along the way trying not to smell the awful stench. I moved to the last one and bumped it into another trashcan. As it hit the ground it made a loud ?CRASH? I jumped hoping that nobody had heard the crash. Luckily no one did. I peered inside the trashcan and found a gun in shock I took a step back thinking of why he had a gun. Probably to kill the wild animals. I finally came to the shed door and opened it. It was so dark I could hardly see. That was when I regretted coming. I flipped on the light switch as I did it shocked my eyes with pain the light was too bright for my eyes I could see and feel dust every where just like in the garage. I heard a screech nearby; I turned around quickly thinking that it would be my uncle. No one was there. I turned back around and screamed! As I saw the blanket covering something moving. I stepped back and stepped onto a glass bottle I fell down as the bottle slipped from under me trying to grab on to something, but there was only dust. I fell to the floor with a loud thud, knocking down a pile of empty cans. I looked down at my arm and saw that it was bleeding, Feeling the pain as it moved through my nerves hitting each one until it was numb. I looked over at the cans all of them were beer cans. Thinking that my uncle was a drunk. There had to be at least One-hundred of them! I got up trying not to touch anything with my arm. I wished that I had stayed down where it was safer. What ever was under that blanket jumped on top of me! I screamed again hoping that someone would help me. Unfortunately no one did. I yanked the blanket off me and whatever was under it. The blanket felt all hard and scratchy. As the blanket moved again a black tail stock out from under it. I was relived that it was only a cat but also very angry at myself for being so scared. I started to pet the cat. It was so soft I wanted my hair to feel like that. Slowly I got up my arm was throbbing it was bleeding a lot. I was just about to turn around. When I saw a red mustang! It was my dad?s, just
how my mother described it, but even better. Forgetting all about my arm, I climbed in through the passenger side. The door was missing as uncle Henry said. There was absolutely no dust on it whatsoever (only cat hair), probably because the blanket was covering it. I was feeling the seats how soft they were, and then I stopped at a big tear in the seat I looked down and saw a patch of dry blood I froze for a second. I looked at the driver?s car door and it was covered with bullet holes. The back window glass was shattered. I wondered what could have done this to the car. I thought about the tear in
the seat could it have been a knife or worse? Horrifying mages popped into my mind. To many questions I didn?t know the answer to. That night during dinner I was too nervous and scared to eat. I had the urge inside me to go back and explore. Before we had to go back home. I really wanted to find out what had made those marks. Could it have been those kids who had stolen my dad?s car or something else? I needed to more.

I woke up early the next morning just as I had planned, sneaking out as quietly as I could hoping that no one would hear or see me. I opened the shed door it made a loud creek sound and then I heard shattering glass in the nearby. I hid behind a trashcan and took off the lid of another trashcan, to hide myself from anything that was about to happen. I then heard yelling and a door slam. It was one of my uncle?s weird friends. He was extremely fat. His stomach was bulging out of his shirt. His hair was all a big mess like he had just gotten out of bed. His clothes weren?t even matching orange shirt and purple pants! He opened his car door and drove off. Then I heard the door open again and this time it was my uncle. I heard him mumbling about as he was coming closer his head hanging down. I had been sitting on my foot and it was numb. My foot slipped and my whole body froze as I saw two hands reach down to grab me. One of my uncle?s hands held a knife. I tried to scream, but I couldn?t because my throat was to dry. Right then I realized he wasn?t coming for me. It was my uncle Henry lifting up one of the trash cans. He threw it across the backyard. I was surprised an old fat man could lift up a heavy trashcan filled with who knows what. He saw the shed door open and said, ?Dang burglars!? he kicked another

trashcan. This time it rolled down his drive way and hit a driving car. The guy got out of his car and moved the trashcan out of his way as he shook his fist in the air at my uncle. My uncle gave out a dry snicker and flipped him off. He went inside the shed and looked around. He picked up the empty soda cans I had dropped yesterday. He put them in a pyramid shape. When he finished he turned around and saw my dad?s car and said, ?Aah bro, I?m sorry I killed you, but I had to. Or then I would have been killed?
As soon as I heard that my body went totally limp. I couldn?t believe what I
was hearing! Then my uncle got up and started walking he closed the garage door. He stretched his hands in the air so his fat belly hung out. He saw that a trash can was not covered with a lid, and then took the lid from my hands! I froze as I saw his ugly beady cross eyes staring at me. I screamed and started to run. I looked back to see if he was chasing me, but he wasn?t. He was smiling! I turned back around, and ran into what I thought was a brick wall! I looked up it wasn?t a brick wall it was a man. I told him to help me, but he just stared. He looked so strong and mean I didn?t want to mess with him. He grabbed my arm tightly so I wouldn?t be able to escape also stopping my blood pressure. My uncle threw him some handcuffs. Then that guy put them on me. He had a stubbly gray beard and a bald head with dark blue eyes. I tried to pull apart the handcuffs, but I was too weak. The man took me back to my uncle. Uncle Henry gave him one more pair of handcuffs and told him to get my brother. I screamed and yelled, ?Run Eric, run?
My brother is a heavy sleeper. I Yelled at my uncle, ?How could you, you ugly bastard! ? My uncle shoved a very dusty piece of cloth into my mouth. I started to gag as the dust collected in my throat. The man brought my brother. He was tied in handcuffs, struggling My brother was crying and screaming,

?Let me go!? My uncle said to the man, ?lets go pick up there mother get another pair of cuffs.?
He left us here alone. I guess he was pretty dumb after all. Hasn?t he seen any crime shows? Anyways good guys always win, and I was very confident. My brother was still crying I told him to shut-up. I told my brother to get a bobby pin out of my hair with his teeth. He did exactly what I said. He spit it into my hands and I was trying to pick the lock. The handcuffs finally let go of me. I examined my wrists and they were all red. I unlatched my brothers? handcuffs. We

both were rubbing our wrists. I told my brother to pretend that we still have them on. I remembered the gun in one of the trashcans. I grabbed it and quickly sat down next to my brother. My uncle got out of the car, but his friend wasn?t there. My uncle took my mom out. My mom stomped hard on his foot. Instead of bending down he socked my mom in the stomach! She fell down and my brother and I started squealing. He yelled, ?GET UP?
She jumped up and ran to us. She sat back to back with Eric and me. I unlatched her handcuffs with the bobby pin and gave here the gun. She

squeezed it tight in her fists, getting ready to shoot at any moment. My uncle pulled out a gun and we all started to scream and squirm. My mom pulled the gun out and shot him directly in the head and he fired one last bullet as he fell to the floor.

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twiwrite said...
Feb. 17, 2010 at 2:51 pm
did he hit any one???????
***3Lli3*** replied...
Feb. 18, 2010 at 2:42 pm
hahah im sorry this story as a lot of mistakes yeah the uncle hit the mom in the story i edited ill post it soon did u like this one.?
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