Missing pieces

September 29, 2016

I never realized how much an unhealthy lifestyle can affect your mental thinking until the year 2013. My mother Patricia, lost her mother, Pennee. It was the hardest year for my family. No more joy and love when we were together. It was the hardest on my mother. After my grandmother died my mother went down hill. She filled her lost with food. We all know she was, but how could we tell her to stop when she was grieving like the whole world had just collapsed on her? We couldn't. So we let her. Now after she was done grieving, she looked herself in the mirror. No longer the happy and healthy Patricia, but the depressed and lumpy Patricia. At least that's what she saw herself as. At the worst time in her life she's now self conscious. People came to her to pay their respect, but she ran away to her hiding like a mouse. I guess I can say in 2013 I lost two of the pieces to my puzzle.

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