Do You Think This Feeling Can Last Forever?

September 29, 2016

    We lied with our backs against the smooth cold stone. Our eyes glazed over, staring down into a sea of rich green pines. The plump, white clouds began to soak up the pink and orange hues that spilled over the sky. I sighed and rolled over so my eyes could meet yours. Your pale blue eyes reflected the fiery sky, cooling it down in a way that was ethereal. I shifted my eyes from you to the sky, then back to you again. I looked back to the sky one more time and thought out loud, “Do you think this feeling can last forever?” Your brow furrowed but you only hesitated slightly when you replied simply with,”Sure” I tilted my head back and my eyes slowly eased shut.  The golden sky seeped through my eyelids and my whole body glowed. The question kept ringing through my head like an echo, “Do you think this feeling can last forever? Do you think this feeling can last forever? Do you think this feeling can last forever?” I looked to the trees for an answer but all they did was sway in the warm breeze. The birds were no help as they flew away, mocking me with their bird calls. Then I looked back to you and your chapped lips were juxtaposed perfectly with your hazelnut hair that fell over your forehead. I looked to you and in this moment I thought that I had found the answers I was so desperately looking for. The creases of your shut eyes reassured me because opened eyes can tell you so much and the truth hurts. I sat staring at you in awe as you did nothing but be still. I wanted to bring my head so badly to your chest and listen as your chest  rose and fell but I didn't want to do anything to disturb you from this pure and beautiful moment. I returned my gaze to the sky and saw that the sunset was beginning to reach its peak. The shades of pink and orange were at their most vibrant state and the two colors began to mix together in an effortlessly spectacular way. But as you well know, after a peak, there comes a fall. I watched as the sunset slowly slipped behind the black velvet mountains that cascaded beyond my viewpoint. As the color drained from the sky, so did the feeling from my heart. Your eyes popped open like another one of the stars in the sky and you looked at me and then I knew. Your eyes held the truth in them and under my breath I whispered, "Sunsets fade and feelings do too."   

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