Dream Car

September 28, 2016
By Anonymous

        Grey skies, unclear visions, and sounds that were not understandable. My heart dropped as a rock being caught by a spider web. My fingers slithered and dripped dirt. Toes cramped under the dashboard in between the pedals. Muscles tighten up as if every bone caught a Charlie horse. At this moment my brain had been damaged. Glass poking every piece of skin in my body. Car seats flipped upside down. The hood of the car was bashed into the front windshield. At this moment I was in and out consciousness. Everything was numb. Pulses could not be defined.

         Bags with “water” hanging from a cord. Two strangers surrounded me with an unknown driver. Eyes rolling to the back of my head. “Stay with me, stay with me”. Ten minutes counting until we reached Herman Memorial Hospital. Vehicles were moving slowly as the red and blue sirens went off. Approaching the big brown building. Humans surrounded the E.R entrance with clueless thoughts. Paramedics constantly yelling back and forward nonstop. My head going up and down from being pulled out of ambulance. And I was gone.

          A cold room with one bed. Sheets used as covers; still freezing. No family members were around. Skin ripped off my face from a 2007 Tahoe drunk driver. Why did it have to be me and my family? Why did the driver have to be drunk? Why did the did the driver have to be in the driver’s seat? I was flashing out. Ignorance was going out on anything and everything I came in contact with. I thought I was saying one thing but perhaps it was the opposite. It almost sounded like broken English. As if I didn’t know my own language.

          “Just sign here, here, and here” the nurse explained to my mother. I kept shaking and shaking. I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed. Then the shakes began to feel like Tsunami waves. They were pretty gigantic too.

         “You’re going to be late for school if you don’t get up right now”. That was literally the day I almost got my first tardy. Thank god by the second bell I was walking into class.

The author's comments:

I just wanted to creat a piece that was a plot twist.

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