some people like dogs some people don't

September 29, 2016
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Some people love dogs, some people don't.

Some people love dogs and some people don't.  Camron is a boy that love dogs in fact he has three their names are Penny, Cujo, and Q-tip. Cujo is a german shepard, Penny is a boston terrier, and Q-tip is a chihuahua. Camron will not go anywhere without them and he will never take just one of them if he’s going somewhere, he will always take them all. It is summertime and he has nothing to do, he has been on the couch watching law and order, he has always wanted to be a police officer so all he watches on tv is Law and Order, NCIS, CSI you get the point.
While he is watching Law and Order he is cleaning Q-tips ears hints the name Q-tip. She is always getting ear infections so Camron has to clean her ears all the time. While he cleans Q-tips ears Cujo watches the door to make sure everyone is safe. Penny is a lap dog that will never leave Camron’s lap and she definitely will not let any other dog on his lap.

That is enough about the dogs, let's hear a little bit about Camron. He is ten years old and lives with his mom and dad in california, but he wasn't born there he was born in Miami Florida. He has always loved the ocean he lives in a house right on the water. He will usually take his dogs down to the water and mess around. Camron has had his dogs since they were puppies so he has trained every one of them. They walk without leashes but they always have collars on just incase they decide to take their own adventures. Camron taught them how to ride skate boards, skimboards, and surf boards. He goes surfing with them all the time.

One day Camron was out surfing while the dogs were on the beach and a sponsor was watching him surf. When Camron finished surfing he came in and the sponsor was still there. He asked Camron “how would you like to be sponsored” Camron went crazy and said “YES” but the guy had to leave because he was going to get attacked by Cujo.

A couple of months later Camron got invited to a surf competition in florida. He was thrilled until he heard he couldn't bring his dogs so he fought back and forth until they finally agreed to let him bring his dogs.

When he arrived in Florida he was so excited to be in his first surfing competition but as soon as he saw the other surfers he was scared for his life. His sponsor went up to him and said you have nothing to worry about. The only thing that was keeping him from freaking out was his three best friends Cujo, Penny, and Q-tip.  He went straight to the water for practice and didn’t leave until it got dark. His competition is tomorrow but it doesn't start until 12:00. The next day Camron was in his hotel room watching Law and Order, Cujo guarding the door, Penny in his lap, and Q-tip on the side getting her ears clean.He left his hotel around 11:30 and went down to the water, he set the dogs up under an umbrella and by the time he was done the surf was ready to start.

In Camron's head all he could think about was how big the waves were, they were the biggest waves he had ever seen. Camron told his dogs “wish me luck” and went to the water. The judges sounded the horn and off he went. Camron managed to get the first wave, judges give him an 8.5 out of 10 and that's really good. 3:00 comes around and camron was in second place he had a total score of 92.5 and the surfer in first place had a 95.2 all camron needed to win was 3 lousey points. The only thing he could see was that big, shiny, gold trophy in his arms. He caught the final wave and did one last trick before the buzzer went off. His final score was a… 96.5 !!!!! camron was the winner of his first ever surf competition. All of his dogs ran to him and licked him all over his face, camron went home a champion. Camron became a legend in california, he had so many people following him around for pictures and autographs he had to get a bodyguard. Even his dogs got noticed Cujo got a job sniffing out crime for the LAPD (los Angeles Police Department). He wasn't home that much and camron was always scared something was going to happen to him but being a police officer is what camron always wanted to do so he was proud of him. The LAPD said penny and Q-tip weren't qualified to be police dogs but I don't think they understood so it was ok. Camron has never been happier in his whole life. He had fame, money, and he was even getting into commercials. He lives close to Hollywood so of course producers were going to reach out to him to get him on TV. He is making more money the both of his parents combine.

Moving forward a couple years Camron is now 18 and cujo is retired he's pretty old now but he still watches the door like a hawk. Penny and Q-tip are still surfing with Camron and are loving every minute of it. Camron is still famous worldwide and even has a surfing brand in the making  (Camron’s Shaggy Surf Co.). Camron and his sponsors have been trying to publish it for years, ever since he won his first competition, and it looks like this is going to be the year. Camron got a call from his sponsor and he said there's another surf competition coming up in mexico. Camron was really excited because he had never been to mexico before. He was told there was no way he’d be able to take his dogs but the competition was only three days so Camron was fine with it. Camron was set to leave in two days, Penny has been sick but it is just a minor bug that's been going around. Since Penny was sick Camron hired a dog sitter to stay with the dogs while he was gone. It has been two days and Camron is set to leave to mexico in fact he is in line to board the plane now, right before he was about to board the plane he got a phone call from the dog sitter saying penny has been rushed to the animal hospital because she was throwing up blood.

Camron rushed to the animal hospital and by the time he got there Penny was in surgery the dog sitter said penny had stage 4 lymphoma (which is a form of cancer if you didn't know). The doctor came out and said “ we did everything we could” as soon as those words hit camron’s ears he fell to the floor because at that moment his heart was torn in two. The doctor got down to Camron level and said “there's nothing you or anyone could have done she was too far gone”

The tragedy with Penny caused Camron to stop surfing, sleeping, and even eating he was making himself sick. In a way he felt Penny’s death was his fault because he lost connection with his dogs, and it took penny dieing for his to realize it. It has been months and camron is now in the hospital because he is still starving himself and he's not getting any sleep. Doctors are doing everything they can to help him but the only way he can fully regain his health is if he actually tries to fight for his life, but as of right now camron is dieing and unless he tries to help himself he will die.

Since camron has been in the hospital he hasn't seen his dogs and he has been in the hospital for almost a month. One day camron's mom, dad, and, friends came to the hospital to see him and a long time ago they asked the hospital if  they were allowed to bring the dogs, it took a while for them to approve but they finally did. Camron saw them in the hallway and he tried to get up but he didn’t have enough strength. The dogs were so excited to see him they jumped up on the bed, they knew he was sick so they were gentle. Camron’s mom said “what's going to happen to them if you die, they need you.”

after that camron started trying to live he started trying to get better. In a month camron was signing his release papers for the hospital it was a long journey but camron did it, he survived. It was only a couple weeks later and Camron was already back surfing with his dogs he's been through alot but he learned a lesson through all of this and you sould know this to NEVER GIVE UP.


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