the Necklace

September 28, 2016

I awake on the cold tile floor, panting heavily as if I just ran a mile. The slow drip of the water faucet, and the rumble of the dishwasher help to put me at ease. I sit up slowly, still panting, I feel my tongue slide out of my mouth like that of a dog's.  I had awoken from a dream it shook me. I can't remember the dream… or even who was in it. I go to stand up and stop when I see my old necklace in the washing machine. Spinning around shaking the ground.
I crawl digging my hands into the ground. I drag my heavy body to the machine and open the door. I pull fiercely without being able to open it due to the childlock, I yell frustrated and punch through the glass. Icy water spilling all over me, hiding my salty tears. I hold the necklace tight to my body.
I remember that night when she gave it to me. The cold wind slashing against my naked body. I climb up her wall with cold bloody hands. She rushed to the windows, tears flowing down her face. She prys the window open and, pulls me in and lays me on her bed. She begins to tend to my wounds with a wet sponge, wiping the blood off of my chest. I look up at her and weakly raise my hand to wipe her tears. “I'm okay, babe,” I smile weakly. She cries more before wrapping up my wounds. I sit up and she kisses my
cheek, telling me to close my eyes. I do as she asks. I reopen my eyes after I feel a cold metal against my chest. She smiled and kissed me passionately.
A couple months later I walked over to her house and see a moving truck. My  girlfriend in the shotgun seat crying, I knock on the window and look at her through the window. She continues to cry while explaining to me that her father is moving them to new york. She jumps out of the car and hugs me tightly kissing my cheek over and over.
After she left we tried to stay connected. It wasn’t easy but I tried my hardest. Everyday after wrestling practice I would jump on my computer and skype her, we would talk for hours until one of us passed out. Even with the distance I still loved her. One day I bought a plane ticket to go see her, I wanted to be surprise so I didn’t tell her. I flew out there, we had a week's vacation when she didn’t. The second I got off the plane I rushed to her school… But when I arrived it made me wish i never went. The smell of decay and pollution filled my nostrils as I watched her kiss another man… My body trembling I decided to leave, I kept my head down so no one would see my tears. Once I got back I saw she called me thirty-three times.
I look at the necklace, I feel all the pent up aggression and hatred flow through my blood. All the thoughts that I had ignored because I thought I still loved her. I feel my body tremble again, but now for a different reason. The smell of her perfume hits my nose and just makes me more mad. I want to kill someone… So I will.
I stand up, throw the necklace down and walk to the kitchen cabinet. After rummaging through it for a couple minutes I find what I’m looking for. I go towards my stairs while tying a knot into the rope. Upon reaching the top of the stairs I throw the rope over lights,  I reach carelessly over and tie it tightly as so it doesn't come undone. I sit on the bannister and look down. “The fall won’t do it”. I put the other half of the rope around my neck. Then I push my body off the bannister.

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