Lost Time

September 25, 2016

     It was early one September day when Bailey went out for a jog with her dog. As she did every morning. Every morning it was the same routine. She would wake up at six a.m., change clothes, brush her teeth, grab a granola bar and water, go awake Zeus, and head out for a one-hour jog. When they get back they usually eat an actual breakfast with her husband and kids then take the kids to school. One day when her husband, Ethan, wasn’t in from training so it was just her and the kids. She decided to leave them at home asleep while she took her morning jog. Little did she know there was a kidnapper loose. She and Zeus went jogging while the kids slept. She was thinking during her jog that maybe she shouldn’t leave them alone for so long while they’re asleep. She only went on a twenty-five-minute jog. She saw a black SUV pull into her driveway while she was half way up her hill. She started to sprint because she left her kids alone. While she was jogging she got an alert saying that you needed to be in your house with the doors locked because there is a dangerous man on the loose and his name is Don Reynolds. She was on her way home so she didn’t rush a whole lot. After she saw the car pull in she freaked out. She didn't know Zeus was an attack dog but he smelled the unknown man and attacked him. But the man got loose and shot Bailey then ran inside. she captured her kids and drove away. She was shot so she couldn't do anything. she finally got help from her neighbor and told him about the kidnapper and they reported it to the police. The police said there is nothing they can do at the moment. She took matters into her own hands after a week. She drove and drove until she found out where he was. Her husband tracked his phone and they found him. They found their kids and they were perfectly fine but scared to death. Her kids now are in the police department and work to track down phones and go and arrest people who do wrong.

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