Just Two minutes

September 25, 2016
By Anonymous

C’mon. C’mon. Two more minutes. The class was silent waiting for the glorious sound of a bell to ring and for freshman year to finally finish. All of us were ready to take a break from this hectic year. We came in scared to death by this place called “high school.” After watching so many scary movies about pole hanging and mean girls how could you expect us to react. Especially on the first day when you could see those giants walking in front of you looking ready to pound you down. In class, it was equally terrifying. The teachers didn’t seem to care whether your mom died or you felt like a miserable loser; they explicitly told you that teachers and students are never,ever going to be friends. They gave us tests basically every day, and I would stay up really late hoping that this test score would be different just to find out that I got another C.  And I constantly heard the same lines repeated over and over again, “Everything counts in high school, so don’t make any mistakes.” But it was exhausting knowing that all of this adds up into my future. It felt like there was a camera following me everywhere and no matter how much I wanted to give it the good sides I couldn’t.


       One more minute. Please just ring already. The clock was ticking it’s final sixty seconds of the year. While I say all these terrible things about high school, it actually wasn’t so bad. I met new people and made a new friend group that actually liked me for me. The dances were killer. I remember the first dance I went to I had been asked by my crush. We spent the night dancing and talking. When we were saying goodbye he looked at me and I looked at him. We gazed into each other’s eyes and locked lips for the first time. It was this warm and tingling feeling inside of me that I never wanted to let go. In the winter season I tried out for the varsity soccer team. They told me they only take a few freshman and I was determined to be one of that few. After a week of kicking, scoring, and running hard for the position I got it. I was the only freshman allowed on the team. This year has been quite the year and I can’t wait when I come back as a sophomore. Ding Ding Ding.

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