March 5, 2009
By Anonymous

' Next up are the stalets singing our song by Taylor swift,' announced the lady on the stage. The auditorium turned black and a spotlight showed up on the stage shining bright over Emily who was standing there with her head down and her feat spread apart. She started to belt out then the same thing happened with Carole then Stacey then they sang and sounded great when the song was over the crowd roared and cheered. The girls were very proud of them selfs. After the show was over they all went back stage and the producer was back there. He put his hand on Stacey's shoulders and she turned around and gave him a look. He said to her, ' O I'm sorry where are my manners my name is Tom and I am a producer at Manny Records. I was hoping that you would be interested in producing a C.D at my records place.

She was in shock. ' Are you talking to me?,' She said.

' Well of course I am talking to you, You were awesome up there,' Tom said. She was so happy she just had to agree to the deal. He told her that he would like to visit with her at his records place tomorrow at 10:00. So that night she went home and went to sleep so she could get her rest for tomorrow. Her mom woke her up the next day and they went to the producing company to meet with the producer. It turned out to be more then a meeting they had her sing a few songs so they could hear her better alone. Well they liked her and decided to have her come in and record some songs tomorrow. She realized that they were going a little fast but she didn't care, she just went along with it.

The next day at the studio they gave her a sheet with all the music on it that was gonna be on her C.D. Today was rehearsal and tomorrow that started recording. The weeks flew by fast and soon she had a hit it was number one on all the top 10 playlist. She was making huge success until she went and told hr friends the new.

The next at school in 5th hour is when they found out.

'Hey guys guess what,' Stacey shouted.

'What,' they both replied. I am going to Hollywood. My song was that big of a hit. They were not very happy for her because they wanted her to stay at there school. They showed no emotion. 'Aren't you guys happy for me,' she asked. They replied, ' Well yeah but were gonna miss you please don't go.' I am going and you can't change my mind. All day every period and all through lunch they told her the bad things about going to Hollywood. They just wouldn't give up.

It's the end of the day now and they still couldn't convince her but the one little word they said made her mind change in s split second. They said what about your friends. When they said friends she thought about how the music career gives her no time to have a life with friends and family. She didn't want that right now.. So she went home and told her mom that she wasn't gonna be in the music business any more and that she wanted her to call the producer company. So she did and they took the news pretty good. She had a 1 hit wonder.

So after this day we do not hear about Stacey and her 1 hit wonder her songs are still out there, there just sung by other people.

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Swise said...
on Sep. 22 2011 at 10:30 am
Swise, Council Blufss, Iowa
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Wow that's exciting news! Frend are a good people.. :D

on Mar. 30 2011 at 5:02 pm
radicalhonesty GOLD, Alpharetta, Georgia
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way to many run ons! and do you know what punctuation is? very confusing

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