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I scowl at my fingers hovering above my keyboard. The chipped nail polish forming cloudlike figures at the center of my nails seem to taunt me, sending signals through the weary channels up my arms and into my head. It reminds me that only after time is spent breaking the tips of my nails in effort to chisel the innocent yet provocative baby blue off my fingers, will I be gifted with the ability to forget. Forget about the wedding. Forget about the hardly clothed 80 year old cavorting into a pale pink dress. Forget that she is my new grandma. Forget that there was an old one.
But this thought racing through my head is one of many. So I force my way out of this hole of melancholy and run over to a knotted tree perfect for climbing. I have always loved climbing. But a hand slips as I think of how out of shape I must have gotten! Gymnastics starts up again soon and I only went to two practices over the summer. My other hand slips and I fall into a dank ditch of doubt. Oh how the mind squanders with itself! 
I revert my eyes back to the keyboard, willing myself to type my first words. I sigh and formulate the words:
I scowl...

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