Deadly Visions

September 2, 2016
By Anonymous

              I was in gym when it all happened. This guy was about to serve the volleyball when suddenly my legs turned to jelly, my vision blurred, and time slowed to an incomprehensible frame. The volleyball hit the radio causing it to shatter to pieces. Before I could yell,” Do something!” my world focused again. The scene diminished instantaneously. Once again, the guy was about to serve. A billion questions buzzed through my mind like angry killer bees, but I knew I had to do something. Without hesitating, I waved my arms yelling,” Stop, stop! The ball’s going to break the radio thingy!”
        The guy tossed the ball to the side. Now everyone started glaring at me. The gym teacher started chastising me as I miserably stared at my sneakers. Ringgggg. Finally, saved by the bell. My eyes widened as I looked at a close friend of mines, Andrew, conveying my embarrassment. He was about to open his mouth, but closed it and pretended he was swatting at imaginary flies. What a freak I was. Wait, could I like tell the future?
          No time to worry now. We had an impossible math quiz I didn’t study for all. Heck, I was absent and didn’t even know what it was on. The true/false quiz slid onto my desk. A little voice in my head told me all the true/false questions were false. I usually would’ve went through a debate in my mind that could that even be possible; or perhaps she wants us to think it’s wrong when it’s right to trick us. The chantings in my mind persisted. “Cassie, Cassie false!” What was happening with my mind? Ughhhh, this has to be a dream. With the exception, I blinked and I was still there. Nevertheless, I circled false for all 11 questions.
         “Time's up,!” the math teacher exclaimed. Then commenced the painful checking of the tests. The person who was checking my test gave me a glare, and mocked Clumsy Cassie. I winced. Barely paying any attention except for the test I was checking, suddenly the teacher piped up,” Wow, Cassie only you got a perfect out of all students. I guess all the studying must’ve paid off!”
           I weakly flashed a fake smile. The starting, murmurs, and snickers grew worse, and I almost wished I didn’t get a perfect. A F would even be better than this! There was nothing undeniable about this: I had these visions and voices in my head that enabled me to tell the future. First, I could tell in advance that the volleyball was going to hit the radio and then I could “hear” all the correct answers. Shaking my head frantically, I started walking to the janitor’s closet where no one would bother me. “Cassie, Cassie!”, a voice suddenly rang out. I was pretty sure it was emitting from the janitor's closet. Cassie, the voice persisted louder. Suddenly, I saw a girl with streaming black hair dunked in a pool of blood lying on the ground. A wad of gum stuck to her sneaks. I instinctively yelled, “Help! Help! Call 911 there’s a dead person in the janitor's closet!” 
         Teachers ran in and students curiously rushed in. Suddenly, the girl was gone. Mrs.Milligan fixed her beady eyes on me, and sent me to the office. “ Girl, go to the principal. Now! You’ve caused enough public disturbances; disturbing the flow of the school. Everyone has had enough of your behaviour!” Everyone in turn nodded in unison; even my closest friends. I gasped. How could they betray me?
        The dreadful thirty minutes with the principal finally passed. Throughout, 3rd, 4th, and 5th period the chantings of my name grew louder. I would try to discover the source of my names, but I quickly sat down knowing it would make my current situation even worse. Only no one could hear them except for me in my head. I started growing wary of anyone calling my name which was virtually everyone, since I was the hottest topic in the school for a bad reason. Science rolled by. Ugh. We had to pick lab partners. Knowing full well at this rate no one was going to chose me, I slumped back in my chair.
      “Cassie, Cassie!”
             I turned my head in shock. Yes, a lot of people murmured my name so far, but the voice caught my attention especially in a way words couldn’t explain. Annabeth, the new girl, was calling my name. I quickly inspected her mouth, and sure enough she was chewing gum. All I could focus on was the gum.
              I whipped out my to-do list, and wrote follow Annabeth around  and make sure she doesn’t die.
        “Cassie, Cassie!”
             Her voice and the gum she was chewing now fully mesmerized me.
              “Cassie, Cassie. Yo, you wanna be lab partners?”
       I soon snapped out of the trance just as rapidly I got pulled into it. Annabeth grumbled, “ Never mind, hanging out with someone like you will ruin a reputation I still have to build up cause I’ m new!”
            “ Wait no! Please be my partner! I promise to make it look like I’m not like friends or attached to you or anything!”
          “Alright, fine-”
               Annabeth’s hand quivered. She pointed to my to-do list.” Why did you write what I think you wrote on the to-do list? ”
              No, no this couldn’t be happening.
        I smiled. “ I don’t know what are you talking about.”
            “Are you kidding me. ---- no! Go be that overly-enthusiastic-about-the-lab-a.k.a.-nerd’s  partner or something!”
                      Laughing hard at me and my effort to cover up what I wrote in the to-do list, in a blink of an eye, Annabeth started choking on her gum.
           I inched forward. “ I can help. Please!”
            “No, get away from me you monster.”
              Annabeth started sprinting to the janitor’s closet which was just a few steps away. I guessed it was because the bathroom was on the opposite side of hall. The scientist teacher only glanced at her and me quickly, but ignored it.
              Annabeth shoved her hand in my face.“Stop following me or I’ll-”
              Aggggghhhh. Ughhhh-ahhhhh-aghhhh She choked harder, so her face was now completely tinted with red. I patted her back trying to soothe her throat.
          “Annabeth, you’re going to die. Like I swear to god. I need to help you. Please, trust me I can tell the future-”
              I grew closer to her trying to guide her to the nurse. Annabeth weakly croaked,” No, people are going to see them and their going to be talking about me the new kid more than someone like you!”
           She lunged on me like a vigilant tiger finally deciding to seize its prey. I protested earnestly  that I was only aiding her. The chokes grew harder, her face grew a few more shades crimson red, and her lung veins bulged
        I started pacing impatiently.“Annabeth, you’re going to die. I need to do CPR or something. Seriously!”
            Something had to work before she somehow started spitting out blood in the position I “saw” her in. In my last-ditch attempt,  I hit her back so hard Annabeth whirled on me thinking I was doing it intentionally. The wad of gum flew onto my sneakers.
          “Annabeth, you’re fine now.”
           Annabeth took my kind-hearted gesture totally wrong.” Now you’re going to fight me, huh, Cassie? Bring it on you freak! I take tae kwon-do lessons, so I’m not afraid of you you genetic mutation. Smartie pants who got a perfect score on the challenging math quiz, I’m pretty sure you know what that means!”
            She grabbed a huge roll of paper towels and slammed it onto my head. I stumbled onto the janitor’s cart, lost total control of my footing, and hit my head on the side-walk hard surface in the janitor’s room making my head throb even more added onto Annabeth’s constant yelling and clawing at me. Crack. That probably was the sound of my phone dropping onto the ground. I was totally wrong when I suddenly realized my surroundings.The room started spinning as I helplessly watched blood pool out my head one drop by drop. Plip, plop. Plip, plop. Annabeth cried helplessly,” Cassie, Cassie!”
         In instant realization I knew in my vision I was watching myself die. The girl in my vision had straight hair like I did, not curly hair like Annabeth. The last words I heard were the haunting, faint echoes of my name( Cassie, Cassie.) My superpowers of my visions and voices didn’t help at all. No! They proved to be deadly.

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