Sloggwa Middle School

March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

One day in Sloggwa Middle school Christina sat there at her locker sitting watching the world go by. Groups of people all in their own little world, not caring about what anyone thinks. You know the normal groups like nerds,populars, well you know. Well Christina she just didn't belong, well with being the new girl an all. It's really scary being the new girl, no where to sit at lunch, no one to talk to at recess, and all you can do at those time is just think about what it would be like to be them. Just to have something to do, someone to talk to, all you can think about is your friends at your old school and how great it would be to move back.

Later that day Christina sat there again like she always did fiddling her fingers at recess. But then she heard a soft nice welcoming hello. It came from Carrie Cleaterson who was now only sitting inches away.

"Hi its Christina Right?I am Carrie Cleaterson. Hey i have noticed you sitting here all alone and I thought maybe you would like to join us for a game of Kickball."

With the thought of making and actual friend she felt warm inside and stood up right there and said "yes i would love to play kickball with you guys"

Just when it was down to the last out it was her turn, she was nervous because she had never played kickball before, so when the ball was hurled toward her she kicked with all her might. And then the ball went flying through the air like a torpedo. She stood in a frozen stance but quickly jumped out of it and ran as hard as she could. And with a close call, she won the game with her home run.

After that Christina meet many new people and now had a very group of her own.

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