September 8, 2016
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Her eyes gently fluttered open like butterflies flapping their wings. She rubbed her hands together to warm them while she slid out from under her thin sheets. The manifest truth flooded her thoughts, forming tears that blurred her vision. Gently, they rolled down her cheeks, sparkling in the soft light of early morning. This dawn, like every other after the incident, she awoke from her nightmares that were indeed reality, but something felt amiss today. Hurriedly, she threw on her clothes as she departed from her room filled with the haunting pictures of her father. She kept them there because the pictures reminded her of her past before the pain settled in. The naive girl waited in the dim hallway, unsure of her next move. She stood afraid and dirty and teary eyed, but she did not bother. The trembling voice and mournful cries of her mother echoed in the hallway of her home. Instinctively, she bolted toward the front door. The little girl despised her mother. Her once loving mother completely disregarded her, for she sunk into deep depression herself after he disappeared from their meager lives. As she cracked the old, screen door ajar, it creaked loudly, but in no position to worry of the startling noise, she ran. Her mission stood clearly in front of her. I won’t forget you, she promised. Just please remember me.
She sauntered around town with her shoulders drooping like two flowers deprived of sunshine. He lurked in the roads, the trees, the park where she used to play. Everywhere she looked he stood staring back at her. She focused on the park with the sad little swing set and the rusty monkey bars. A thick veil of despair quickly set over it. This was the place. She sat down in the once lush, green grass.
Just a week ago, they rested together in that same grassy field. His arm wrapped around her frail shoulders, protecting her from harm, as they silently watched the giddy children play. He told her stories as they picked the dandelions and daisies to build long chains, and even though he did not necessarily enjoy the task, he performed this for the sake of his daughter’s boredom. He failed to muster the money to do anything else for her. Soon, her mother came to fetch them both, and like always, he lended his rough, worn out hand to pick her back up.
The sun blinds her as it steadily rises into the sky. A blanket of sunshine settled on her skin, bringing life back to the girl. She studied the sun. It sat there in the cloudless sky almost as lonely as the girl. Who will be there to look after me now, she worried. “Come back,” she screamed desperately at the sky, The sun shined overhead, a glowing angel intently watching over the child. She understood.
“You promised we would always be together. You haven’t forgotten me, and don’t worry...” She stretched her arms up to the sky, reaching for his hand.
“You will be remembered too.”

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