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March 2, 2009
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Katie (protagonist) ' is a 10 year old orphan who has no family and very few friends. She has scraggly brown hair and bright blue eyes. She is four foot three and very skinny, she weighs only 56 pounds. She is a very poor girl so she has only a few clothing items. Some of which include, two torn up shirts, three ripped pairs of pants which are all either too big or too small for her. She owns no pairs of shoes and walks around the streets of England with bare feet.

Her only possessions are a necklace from her birth mother given to her when she was just a baby and her dog. Katie thinks about her mom every day and wonders if her mom thinks about her too. She dreams about one day finding her parents and being part of a real family.

Everyone that knows her believes that she is a great child and deserves much more than she was given in her life. They do everything they can to help her be happy.

With no parents in her life, she doesn't have anyone to go to when she needs help with something so she usually keeps her feelings to herself. But when Rusty comes along she finally has someone she can tell her secrets to.

Gary (antagonist) ' is 41 years old. He has short black hair and is almost 6 feet tall. His style of dress is worn out jeans and a t-shirt. his idea of a fun time is taking something from someone else because when he was younger, his parents did not treat him correctly.

He doesn't really value much, considering he steals mostly everything he owns. He thinks about his parents just like Katie. He wonders what they did with their lives after they kicked him out of the house so many years ago.

The people working for him feel sorry for him. They know he wasn't treated right and they know that to feel happy with himself, he has to make other people feel sad. They sometimes try to talk with him about it but he just shuts them out. He doesn't like discussing his past. But they know somewhere under all the robbery and toughness, there is a really nice guy.

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