August 26, 2016
By Tristen_walling BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
Tristen_walling BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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It was my sixth birthday, I was getting ready for my party when my sixteen year old sister, Cassie, came in and she said “Mom and dad are going to the store to pick up your birthday cake and I have to watch you until they get back.”  My mom and dad had only been gone an hour but I didn’t think anything of it because my friends were starting to show up for the party. Swimming, dancing and present opening I didn’t even begin to notice that we didn’t have any cake, after three hours the party was over. My sister and I were cleaning up when we get a call from our local hospital, East Georgia Regional Medical Center, asking if there was an adult around at that time, we were worried. We couldn’t wait any longer for my grandma to come over and call the hospital back, we hoped in the car and drove to the hospital. The whole ride to the hospital was quiet as wheels were turning in our heads wondering what the issue was, we arrived...getting out of the car seemed impossible.  We finally got the courage to go in to the hospital, the ER was packed with screaming and crying all around us. A nurse finally got to us and asked what she could do to help we told her our last name and told the nurse that we received a call and she told us to go down the hall and sit in the family room on the right. It felt like we were in there for forever but, it was really five minutes when a guy with a white lab coat came in the room and asked if we were the Johnson family and we said “that’s us, now can you please tell us what is going on?” I hate to give you news like this without someone present but, your parents have been in a bad car accident, a drunk man hit them he said, then the room went silent then Cassie spoke up and asked the doctor “are my parents ok?” the doctor hesitated and said “I’m sorry but you mom didn’t make it and your dad is in surgery but, it doesn’t look good.”  He left the room and we cried, hugged, screamed, and ask god why this has to happen to good people? Shortly he came back in and said “I hate to bring so much bad news but your farther didn’t make it through surgery.” A lady came in and asked if there is anywhere we could go or anyone that can take care of us like a god parent or aunt or uncle and of course we don’t have anyone. Now I live with six girls and three boys in a single room with twelve beds, I have been separated from my sister and have been with six different families in five months.  Today is my seventh birthday and all I want is to have a family and be normal. 

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