The trek up the mountain

August 23, 2016
By kate19 BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
kate19 BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
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My name is Munkhtsetseg, which means eternal flower. My momma gave me this name. Each day I walk up the mountain to get water, and collect food for my family. The trek is hard, but I do it for my three little sisters: Altansarnai, which means golden rose, Batbayar, which means strong joy, and Narangerel, which means sun light. But I call them Sarnai, Baya and Nara.
Today is special. Today signifies the day my momma passed away. When I was thirteen, my family was attacked by a jaguar; we were walking up this very mountain. My papa was back at the farm while momma protected us. We weren’t up far when the jaguar popped out in front of momma. Sarnai and Baya were two when it happened but Nara was only just born. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Momma was carrying Nara in an orange sling while Baya and Sarnai were playing in front of me. When the jaguar jumped in front of momma, she handed me Nara and had me run away with the twins. I can remember clear as day when momma turned around with fear in her emerald eyes, telling me to run. The last words I heard from her was she loved us. When I reached home, my sisters were crying and at that moment I knew I had to stay strong and protect them for momma.
That was three years ago; now it’s time for today’s trip up the mountain. My sisters are with papa; He’s taking a break from the farm today; He is letting me have alone time since I was very close with momma. That jaguar has changed me. Now I carry a weapon with me at all times because my family needs me. I’m approaching the mountain now. I can do this; No I can’t; do it for momma. I take my first few steps up the mountain; I stop for a second and keep on walking up the mountain. Each step represents the love I have for momma. I’m walking up the mountain with my pails for water knowing I will make it for my momma. I did it I reached the top of the mountain. Did you hear me? This is the first time in three years I could walk up the mountain on this day for momma. I have done it. As I fill up the pails and with food and water I feel eyes on me; I shake it off and keep walking. While I walk I keep hearing rustling in the trees but there is no wind. Now I’m starting to feel nervous. Who or what could it be? As I keep walking the rustling stops. But about a mile from the bottom the rustling intensifies and …………….out pops the jaguar.
I slowly put down the pails and stare the jaguar down. As a look into the jaguar’s eyes; I see the fear in momma’s emerald eyes. I will win this time jaguar. As I pulled out my knife the jaguar lunges at me, but I dodged it. The jaguar began running back, it pushes me to the ground making me drop my knife and it scratches my face with its claws. I got up and jump on its back; it was time for payback. The jaguar came to a halt; I jumped of its back and ran to the knife. As I picked it up, the jaguar started to run at me.  That’s when I did it; I killed the jaguar for momma. I picked up the pails and slowly walked down the mountain.  When I reached home, papa came running after he saw my battle scars. I told him I had killed the jaguar that killed momma, “For Bolormaa” he said; I nodded; for momma. “That was a crazy trek up the mountain” papa said after I explained the story. “I agree” I said.
The End

The author's comments:

The names and their meanings
The names were all Mongolian. So I based the story on a Mongolian family. Now here are the names and their meanings.
name nickname meaning
Munkhtsetseg Seg Eternal flower
Altansarnai Sarnai Golden rose
Batbayar Baya Strong joy
Narangerel Nara Sun light
Bolormaa Momma Crystal mother
Naranbaatar Papa Sun hero

Batbayar is not usually a girl’s name but Momma and Papa wanted to be different.

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