August 21, 2016
By , fairfax, VA

I am a horrible person.
I just get up and walk out. I’m out. I don’t know why I do this. I just do it, and for some absorbed reason I know I cant go back.  If I went back, I would be giving in. Giving into what, even I’m not sure anymore. I just know that I would rather starve myself ten go back. I know that I will have to leave at some point, just not now. It might be because a small part of me wants someone to care, about me.  Am I trapping myself because I feel unloved? My parents think I’m acting out because I’m a teenager now. It’s not that though. I guess a subconscious part of me wants a knight is shinning armor. Someone to stand up for me. Or maybe I just need someone to recue me, from myself.  The reality though is I am a hopeless romantic, teenaged girl, imprisoned by herself. I guess you could say I’m, Alone.

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