True love

August 20, 2016
By daisyrose SILVER, Burlington, Massachusetts
daisyrose SILVER, Burlington, Massachusetts
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The bell jingles, cheerily announcing my arrival. I sigh in relief as the cool air engulfs my body. I make my way down each aisle, scanning the shelves for what I need. As I near the end of the fifth aisle, I begin to worry. What if they don't have what I need here? I have neither the time nor the energy to drive to another store. I round the corner and that's when I see him. I stop short, nearly crashing into a shelf. He's the one. I can feel the connection between us coursing through the air. He's horsing around with a couple of his friends. He doesn't notice me yet, but I can't take my eyes off of him. I could stare at him for hours. He's absolutely gorgeous! The brooding, mysterious ones are not for me. I much prefer the lively, exuberant type. He saunters away from his friends and trips over a stray ball lying on the floor. I giggle. It appears that he has not quite grown into his feet yet. He looks up, and his big, beautiful, brown eyes meet my blue ones. His mouth widens into a gleeful smile, and I can't help but to grin back. He has such a lovely smile, and his hair! I could run my hands through those luscious ebony curls for hours. I imagine the two of us cuddled up together on my couch, simply enjoying each other's company. I smile at the pure thought. I picture myself strolling through the park with him. The sun would shine brightly, not a single white puffy cloud in the sky, and we would walk for hours on end. If I could spend all of eternity with him I would. I'd never be bored or lonely again with him by my side. Cautiously, I take a minuscule step towards him, then another one, then another one. I shuffle to a halt mere inches in front of him. His friends don't seem to notice me, but he does. "Hi." I whisper. Our eyes are drawn together by some invisible force. This must be love. This amazing connection between us is so unbreakable, so intense, so genuine that I can almost reach out and touch it. This is it, I realize my heart pounding in my chest. This is the puppy for me.

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