The Accident

August 3, 2016
By Soccer1730 BRONZE, Victorville, California
Soccer1730 BRONZE, Victorville, California
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Carlos and Gwen have been dating since their senior year of high school. Now they're in college both hoping to finish with their Masters Degree. Since Carlos majored in photography, he wants to go on adventures to take pictures of the impossible. Gwen has majored in to one day become a famous dancer. Something very shocking happens to both of them that ends them up in the hospital.

Carlos is very nervous since he graduates in two weeks with his girlfriend Gwen both getting their Masters Degree. Carlos has been acting very strange around Gwen and she doesn't know why. So one day, Gwen asks Carlos why he was acting strange, and he said nothing and walked away. A week has gone by just one day before graduation when Carlos goes to a jewelry store to buy Gwen a ring. So when graduation came, he went straight up to Gwen on stage and asked her to marry him.

Gwen was so shocked that she started to cry and told Carlos yes when the crowd of people started to clap for them. Afterward, he told Gwen that he secretly booked a vacation for both of them to go to Hawaii. Gwen was so overwhelmed by the surprises Carlos had done for her. Carlos told Gwen that they'll leave in a couple of days and immediately she started packing. Then Carlos tells Gwen to pack for two weeks and to also pack workout clothes.

Once they get to Hawaii, Gwen was speechless when she found out where they were staying. Carlos told Gwen to get ready because they were going to hike through the jungle to look at a waterfall. As they climbed in to the taxi, it was leaving he parking lot when a speeding driver hit their taxi cab. Carlos and Gwen were unconscience including the driver. Many people witnessed the crash and called for an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived, Carlos and Gwen were still unconscience and were rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Gwen shocking woke up trying to move but she had a broken leg and a dislocated shoulder. When Carlos came to, he found out that he had a punctured spleen and four broken ribs. Both couldn't really remember what exactly happened and didn't know where each other were at. When the doctor came to check up on Carlos, he asked where his fiancé was at when the doctor told him she was down the hall. Carlos was relieved that he was still near Gwen knowing she was safe. Carlos asked the doctor if he could call his and Gwen's family to have them come and see what happened to them.

When both of their families found out what happened, they flew out to Hawaii as soon as possible. Carlos had been in the hospital for two days when his family came to see him. Gwen's family were afraid for her and Carlos knowing the accident they were in. Luckily Gwen can use a wheelchair to move around but it's limited for her. So she asked a doctor is she could see Carlos to see how he's doing. Carlos was so scared that he asked if she could come to see him.

Gwen came to his room, the both told each other that they both looked horrible, one worse than the other. If they had known in advance that the walk to the jungle was closer, they would've walked. Carlos didn't like how their day went saying it was horrible, but Gwen was trying to cheer him up saying what they'll do when the get out of the hospital. A couple of days go by when the doctors' release Carlos and Gwen from the hospital where they go back to the hotel to relax.

It was time for them to leave Hawaii not how they planned to stay or leave. Even though they didn't have the best time in Hawaii, they're both glad that they went back home safe. Since they came back from Hawaii, Carlos and Gwen got an apartment so that they can be with each other. Though it took them almost two months to get well and move around again, they were glad to be safe.

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