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February 24, 2009
By Breanna Pepito BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Breanna Pepito BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Droopy: Droopy is a chocolate brown pug. He lives with his family in Beverly Hills, California. Droopy is very fun and outgoing. He loves to play with his little red ball and run around like a maniac! Droopy is also a very clean dog, he goes to the groomers once a week and gets a bath home every other day. Droopy's family loves him, especially his owner, named Pete. Droopy always waits at the bus stop for Pete to come home. The second Pete walks off the bus; it's like a party for them. Droopy does get tired though, so he goes up to the office in the house, where his bed is. He takes about two naps a day, there very little naps though. Probably just about ten minutes. Droopy eats a lot of his dog food. Pete buys him the best dog food ever, called Beneful. Droopy eats it all up in about two minutes. Although Droopy eats all of his food up very fast, he isn't a fat dog. Droopy is thin and very little. If you pick him up you feel like your going to break him. Droopy has very dark black eyes and a cute button nose. He has a very long curly tail that he always chases. Droopy makes very funny little sounds, as if he is sneezing. Pete always laughs at Droopy, but Droopy has no idea why. Probably because he is so used to them. Anyways, Droopy is such a loving do, who always wants to have fun!

Pete: Pete is Droopy's owner; Pete is in High School, a sophomore. Pete's life is pretty easy. He wakes up around 6:30 to go to school. He goes to the end of the driveway to catch the bus. When he gets to school, Pete goes to all eight of his classes. He gets off school at 2:45, but gets off the bus at 3:05. Right when Pete steps off the bus Droopy is waiting there for him. Pete runs over to Droopy and pets him, hugs him, gets some kisses. Next they both go inside and Pete gives Droopy some food. Sometimes Pete calls Droopy, Droops. After feeding him, Pete goes to take a shower and clean off. After he plays with Droopy, does homework, eats dinner, gets ready for bed, and then goes to sleep. Droopy sleeps with him every night, besides when he wants to sleep on his dog bed. As you can see, Pete has a pretty simple life. He loves Droops, and they get along. Pete is a very outgoing person but also a little quiet. He has blonde shaggy hair and deep brown colored eyes. Pete normally wears sweatpants or very baggy jeans, with a t-shirt. If it is a special occasion he will wear dress pants and a collared shirt. Pete has really old pair of sneakers; he refuses to by new ones because he likes the ripped up look. Pete isn't popular in school, but he has a lot of friends that he hangs out with sometimes. His best friends name is Mike; Mike is in Pete's grade. Pete gets amazing grades, a 4.0 every quarter. Pete's favorite subject is English. He loves it because he gets so into books and writing. Pete has won awards for some of stories he has written. Pete jut loves to have fun and he also like Droopy, just wants to live life!

Mike: Mike is Pete's best friend. Mike comes over after school a lot to hang out with Pete and Droopy. Mike lives right down the rode from Pete so he walks over a lot. Mike has does the same thing as Pete everyday. He wakes up, catches the bus, and goes to school. He can't come home to play with a pet because he doesn't have one. He wants to get a dog but his parents said no animals. Mike gets really upset when he finds he perfect dog at the pound and his parents say no. But he understands, because his grandma is allergic to dogs. So if Mike and his family go to his grandmas house smelling like dog, she could get a reaction. Mike is a very calm and quiet person, he doesn't talk much unless he is around his friends. Mike has good grades but they are not as good as Pete's. Mike gets about a 3.6 every quarter, with a lot of B's. He try's to get good grades but he just can't do it. But his parents are still proud of him for making honor roll every quarter. Mike is a casual guy; he wears tighter jeans than Pete, but still loose. He wears either a blue, red, or black shirt every day. He doesn't wear the same shirt though, just the colors. Mike is all over Droopy, just like Pete. If Pete has to go away for something, Mike is there to watch Droopy. Droopy loves Mike too. Since Mike goes to Pete's house a lot, he often helps out with cleaning up the house or washing the dishes. Mike is a very generous person and he loves to help out.


Rob: Rob Drickson is Droopy's groomer. Rob is not a nice person. But Pete thinks that Rob is the best groomer in the world, little does he know. Rob has criminal records of steeling and abusing the dogs he grooms. Rob got his grooming license taken away from him, but he doesn't tell Pete. Rob Drickson is cruel and has no feelings. He hurts Droopy, makes Droopy weep when he brushes him. Droopy thinks it is what Rob is suppose to be doing, so he doesn't do anything besides act normal. Rob wears all black and got very bad grades. He barely talks around Pete but yells and screams while grooming Droopy. Rob looks vicious; he has dark black eyes and black hair that is cut very long. He seems like he is a black hole of meanness. Rob doesn't fear anything he is brave and tough. He has not one friend; he lives in an apartment with his brother. Who dislikes him, but it is the only place Rob can go. Rob failed school and dropped out of High School. He tells Pete though, that he got amazing grades and went to college. Rob is a stealer; he takes peoples things to make money for him. So did Rob steel Droopy's ball?

The author's comments:
This is my Character Sketch for a book I am writing called the Red Toy Ball. There are three books(story's) in the series.

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