Magic Maker

July 25, 2016
By Ratcoon BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
Ratcoon BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
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The invisible Magic Maker makes the best magic but only for The Girl with Glasses. Although he was invisible to other people, he gave The Girl with Glasses the power to see him. He makes magic so fast that when someone sprints, they leave a cool wave of air that refreshes the people they pass. The invisible Magic Maker makes the magic wished by The Girl with Glasses. The Girl with Glasses wishes for events to change in her life or be told what she needs to do to get where she wants to be in life. She wanted to know what to do or what to change to get the results she wanted. Although she wishes for the best, the magic maker cannot fix the effects in life that are supposed to happen in her destiny. Basically the Magic Maker can't grant all wishes that is cheating her way in knowing what will happen next and how to change it.
The Girl with Glasses wakes up with a smile when the weather is hot and humid. She knows it is a good day to go to the beach or maybe stay inside. The Magic Maker is sweating like a cup of cold water in the sun in his jar of gold. Although it was hot, The Girl with Glasses had lots to do. She got ready as quick as a bee stings you when you touch it. Today was the first day of school as a freshmen, She didn't know what to expect in a big crowed building with tall people where she was vulnerable. The school was filled with people not like her. People at school didn't have a Magic Maker so The Girl with Glasses couldn't talk about him. The only thing The Girl with Glasses wanted to do was eat her favorite tasty cereal or play addicting Pokemon Go which sounded more fun to do then school. The Girl with Glasses appears in front of the Magic Maker in a calm manner. Magic Maker rises with a cloud of dust. All The Girl with Glasses wishes is to have a good day at school but the Magic Maker cannot change what is supposed to happen, or can he?
The Girl with Glasses went to school with fear in her eye envisioning the worst day ever but that is not what happened. What happened was just a habitual day in her new school. The only thing different from a habitual day is that she was in a new school and different classes. Magic Maker was pleased with the results but not for long because he knows what will happen next. On the way home The Girl with Glasses was thinking what would happen if magic maker change her day and she thought it would be the same. This day was meant to be happy and it was. The Girl with Glasses started to review all of her choices she had with the Magic Maker. She soon realized she doesn't need the Magic Maker and that he was just making her think that it was going to be a good or bad day but really he is just there doing nothing. The Girl with Glasses made her final choice with the Magic Maker, to tell him he is no longer needed. She came into her room and noticed a huge gasp coming from her mouth. The Magic Maker was not no Magic Maker. He was the voice inside her making her think and expect events to happen. The Magic maker was the vox populi in her head. Magic Maker was The Girl with Glasses which was unexpected by The Girl with Glasses. The Girl with Glasses realizes people can have more creativity and puissant then they think they do and that is why the Magic Maker is invisible.

The author's comments:

This story is inspired by people that have unknown power

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