the chase

July 22, 2016

"Run,run faster farther he is coming he is almost here!" as I thought to myself. than I look back to see where he was, I tripped over a tree stump. as I lay here screaming in pain. I could see the headlights from he's truck. they were about little over a mile away,I tried to get up and run.but the pain was so bad I fell again the pain got worse. he finally caught up to me after a hour long chase. he opened hes door and he stood laughing at me. I yelled "What do you want from me",he looked down at me and just stood there doing nothing,and reached for his pocket. I tried to yell for help. he climbed on top of me and covered my mouth and said "shhh why dont you smile more?" I looked up at him confused wondering what he was trying to say. than i felt something against my chest. Than I saw what was on my chest. it was a pocket knife and he flipped the blade he traced it along my mouth and he said " I can help you smile more" than he started to cut a smile from my left checkbone to the other. After that it was blur...

                             the next morning

   As I woke up the next morning. My mouth stung from the cuts he made. I looked down to see I was wearing differnt clothes. I found the pocket knife he used and I wipe away the blood on it. I stood up and looked up to see where I was. It looked like I was in a old shed, I peared out the window, he was asleep in his truck. I planned my revenge on him. I grabbed the knife and looked at the truck and thought, " he did this he will pay for what he did." I stormed out of the shed and opened the door and threw him out of the truck . He looked at me very scared and I started to laugh and he had tears running down his face. he tried yelling but I covered his mouth and showed his knife to him and he looked at me scared. I told him " I thought I would be nice and show you my pain to you, since you caused it.'' than i cut a smile into his face. I stood up and let him lay there bleeding. I jumped into his truck and drove away and I never went down that road again.

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