the potato

July 21, 2016
By AliceinWanderland BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
AliceinWanderland BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
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As I walk in the store to buy carrots, chicken, stuffing and dessert for Thanksgiving, my sister asks me to get the potatoes to put in the chicken. I say, “Sure, and grab the potatoes. They will go great with the chicken and carrots. Alright, let's go get the dessert. Go get some cake, Brooke, and I’ll grab the stuffing.” As we get home to cook the carrots, potatoes, stuffing and  chicken, we start cutting the carrots and potatoes up to throw into the chicken and turn on the oven. But as I’m cutting up the potatoes, I notice the potato is not white--it’s a slight blue color. I just start cooking it because I think it’s a preservative. We slice the carrots and make the stuffing.

When the family starts coming over, they help us set the table. By this time the whole family is over. I pull out the chicken. There’s something super weird! The chicken is a darker blue. Brooke and I are discussing whether or not to serve the chicken. We decide to serve it without stuffing. “Alright, everyone, dig in.” Brooke and I are still cooking so we don’t eat. Time for dessert--it’s cake.

After our meal, we all sit in a circle and say what we’re thankful for. When we get done with that, everyone’s skin except Brooke’s and my skin starts turning blue. They start walking around the room like zombies and get razor sharp teeth!

“We have to fix this,” Brooke says.
     “But how, Brooke?”
“ You’re in science, you tell me.”
     “Let’s make a potion, I’ve learned a lot of potions in class.”
“ Ok, I guess so.”

“Let’s try one of the ones I learned in school. You need heavy whipping cream, bone power (we can get the bone power from the chicken we cooked), dirt and an apple. That should do it.”
“Good, put it in the spray bottle fast, fast. Go down the stairs fast. Spray, spray.”
”What, it didn’t work?”
“Let’s try something else, hurry to my room/the science lab. We have to get it right, I also learned this in science class.” 
“I don’t think you're in science class, Brooke!” 
“Ok we need bone broth, a potato to reduce the effect of the potato when we cooked it, and a dollar. I think it will work this time.”
“You didn’t put a lot of stuff in it. Turn the spray bottle to jet so we can just spray them from the top of the stairs.”
“What, it didn’t work. I could have sworn that was going to work.”
“It didn’t work, Brooke.” We are sweating like pigs by this time.
“Brooke, you didn’t add a lot of ingredients that time, maybe it needs some more ingredients.”
“Alright,” Brooke says, “back to the room. I think it could use an orange, a blade of grass, three bars of soap and a coin put it in.”
“I’m confident this batch will work. Spray, Brooke. It worked! Brooke, we did it.”
“You're welcome, Eric, but we still need to spray the rest of the family. Go grab the spray bottle over there and spray every one in the family, ok? Spray spray spray spray spray.” 
The family was back to normal in no time with Eric’s help.
“Thanks for your help, Eric.”
“You’re welcome.”   
  And the family never talked about that day again. “Thanks for the meal!”
“you're welcome!”

the end




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