Lost And Found (not finished)

February 12, 2009
As I'm sitting in this weird house, I watch an episode of 'American's Most Wanted.' I see a familiar face appear on the screen, it was the guy that I had thought of as dad. When they were showing what he had done wrong, they showed him kidnapping a little boy. Then they flashed a picture of a kid that looked a lot like me saying that's what the little boy should look like.

I am 17 years old, they say that the little boy had been missing sense he was 3. I didn't quite know that to think about it at first. My dad had said that I was adopted around that age. Then my dad came running into the room and knocked over the T.V. over. 'Go grab your clothes, pack light,' he said.
'Why?' I asked.
'That's none of your concern; just do as I tell you.'

So I walked to my room, my dad came barging in. He slapped me and started to grab some clothes and stuffed them into plastic bags. He threw each bag at me and told me to take them to the car. Being obedient, I did what he told me.

As he tan to the car, I heard police sirens going off. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but when my dad got into the car, he slammed it into gear and smashed his foot on the gas pedal. As we went speeding down the street, I heard the sirens stop and I take a look behind us. They were in our drive way. 'Dad, what's going on?' I asked anxiously.
'I've already told you, that's none of your concern.'

As we drove, I noticed we were heading towards the state boarder, so I asked, 'Why are we leaving state?' That's when he got really flipped out. He slammed on the brakes and hit me. 'I have told you over and over again! It's none of your concern!' That's when I figured I should keep my mouth shut.

As we kept driving, I heard somebody come in over the radio saying that people need to watch out for my dad. That he might have the kidnapped child. As I turned and looked around the car to see if I could see a boy in the car, I didn't see anybody. So I turned the radio down saying that I had a headache. I sat there trying to listen for any noises, for a sign of a child or anyone else in the car. I didn't hear anything so I tried to ignore it. I turned the radio up a little bit more and that's when I head the sirens again. 'Put your head down!' my dad ordered. I did what he said and put my head down. My dad's face was going pale and I wanted to know that was going on, but I didn't dare ask again. Then I heard that sirens speeding past us. Then my dad told me that I could put my head back up. I was going to take another chance and see if I could get some answers out of him. 'Dad where are we going?' I asked a little nervously.
'We are going far away and that's all you've got to know. Now stop asking me so many damn questions!' he said starting to sound angry.

I then started to wonder where we were going and why he rushed us away like that, I wasn't quite sure but I would wait a little bit for him to calm down to ask him anymore questions.

I wasn't quite sure which state he was going to take us to, but I was hoping it would be sunny California. That would be a great place to go. Maybe, I could ask him. 'Hey dad, are we going to stay in Washington?' I asked.
'No,' he said.
'Can we go to California? I have always wanted to go there,' I asked kind of pleading.
'We'll see,' was all he said.

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