Serendipity (Chapter 1)

July 7, 2016

I stare at my reflection in the water. Somehow, I don’t recognize myself. I don’t know who I am anymore. I’ve lost everything recently. My family, friends, anything that ever was and ever will be important to me. I don’t recognize the person staring back at me. I don’t know her anymore. Yet somehow, she follows my every movement and looks exactly the same as me. I wonder if somehow, I have a lost twin who is just trying to trick me into thinking I’m going crazy…I’m sitting on the bank of the lake, at a crummy boarding school. At least we don’t have to wear those gross looking uniforms, I thought to myself. Everything here reminds me of the Peter Pan Island from a fairy tale my dad used to read to me when I was little. I guess it’s a coincidence that the song Lost Boy begins playing on my phone. All of a sudden, I feel a rough grip of hands pick me up wedding style and begin to throw me towards the water, wearing all of my clothes and my converse. I had just enough time to toss my phone and my earbuds onto the sand before hitting the water. The water swallowed me whole, and for a minute, everything just kind of froze around me. I felt as if there was nothing worth living for anymore. Maybe I should just let go and leave this world for a better one…I stayed under the water. I debated between letting go of being me and giving up, or swimming to the surface. All of a sudden, two arms gently pulled me out of the water. They were firm, yet they were soft and caring at the same time. Time seemed to stop for a second as I felt my body being pulled up to the surface of the water. I felt like I was dreaming. None of this feels real… After what felt like minutes, my body finally reached the water, coughing and trying to breathe. The same two arms pulled me from the lake onto the shore, and for the first time, I looked into my savor’s eyes. Somehow, his dark green eyes seemed to stare into my soul, and his silky, wet, wavy, I mean shaggy..(wow that was awkward), black hair seemed to fit his look. He looked at me with this look I hadn’t seen in a VERY long time. It looked like genuine concern. Like he was actually scared for my safety.
“Are you ok? I saw a bunch of guys throw you into the lake, and somehow the guy who threw you managed to get you passed the dock. I saw the whole thing…wow I’m talking a lot…” he babbles as he blushes. He is still looking into my icy blue eyes. His stare is ripping right through my throat and makes me unable to talk correctly. I just simply try to say,  yeah, I’m alright, but somehow it doesn’t seem to come out properly.
“Yee (pronounced Y-ee rhymes with we) Beautiful…” I try to respond, but once it comes out and I realize what I said, I begin blushing furiously. He simply blushes and laughs awkwardly.
“So you think I’m beautiful? Am I that pretty to look at you’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes Hahaha” he giggled, trying to keep his laugh to a minimum, causing a snort.
“No no no, that isn’t what I meant! You aren’t beautiful, if anything you’re anything BUT beautiful. You are ugly. Very ugly.” I confirmed quickly, without even thinking about what I had said. When I realized, I gasped with horror and tried to explain myself. “Wait, no that’s not what I meant. I just meant that you were very pleasing to the eye but you aren’t cute. NO WAIT! Ughhhh!” I tried to explain. Unfortunately this only made him laugh harder. WHY BODY?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!  “Ugh, ok look whatever your name is, thanks for saving me, but I should go change. It’s cold and I’m wet. I’m very wet.” I said, looking for an escape. Me, with the dirty mind, groaned in disbelief. “I can’t believe I just said that.” I was walking away, but I heard running footsteps behind me. I turned around to see if it was him, but it was just the cross-country team tryouts. I could still see the guy rolling around laughing in the sand. After a few minutes of walking, I reached the outside of my dorm. I reached to get my phone out of my pocket, only my phone wasn’t there. I realized I had left it on the shore from when the assholes through me into the water. I went to turn and get it, but in doing so, I accidentally ran into someone. Unfortunately, the kid I bumped into turned out to be a strong, 6 foot 5 inches, jock who was the captain of the wrestling team and the quarterback for the football team. Me being the nerd and quiet kid I am, I went to walk away, terrified, but I felt one strong hand pull me backwards.
“Where the hell do you think you are going?” he asked me, 4 inches away from my face. He was very intimidating, but I was so scared that all I could get out was a squeak. All of a sudden, like it happened in slow motion, I felt a fist drive into my nose. After two or three times, I began crying like an idiot and with one swift motion, the kid threw me to the floor. All I could feel for about two seconds was the cold tile pressing against my cheek. The kid began kicking me anywhere he could. This included my stomach, chest, and face. With one final crush, he kicked me in the stomach, and everything around me began closing in. The room was spinning, my head and limbs aching, and my throat too heavy to speak. Everything began to get blurry, flow red, and eventually became tears mixed with blood dripping onto the floor. As the first of the tears fell, I had noticed someone intervene the fight. I couldn’t tell who it was, I didn’t recognize them, but whoever it was fought really well, and with one punch the other kid had gone running. I saw the kid come towards me, and all I heard was “Don’t let go” before everything went black.

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