Defiance 2

February 11, 2009


The fighting continued a lot longer than I expected. It turns out that Joe wasn't a traitor, but he was dead. We were able to take out the other tanks but reinforcements just kept coming. At the beginning we had over 100 men, now we were down to about 50. We were also trapped'bad! We stuck in the middle of the city, while the enemy surrounded us.

It was Matt and I's turn for a night shift and it was freezing. If Birdies did attack us, I would be lucky if I could even pull the trigger' I COULDN'T FEEL MY HANDS! And finally as I expected, we were under attack. But why now? It has been three weeks of no fighting, but they chose now. Why?

Because we are starting to give in that's why, I thought. 'Honor and respect your enemies,' my father once told me. I picked my rifle up and started shooting every Birdie in sight. Them shooting back woke everyone else up pretty quickly.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! There were explosions everywhere around me; I could literally feel the ground shaking. To help with that, bullets were flying by me; I was surprised I hadn't got hit yet.

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!' I yelped after a bullet pierced my arm. It was over. I (along with everyone else) was going to die. We were badly outnumbered there was no way I was going to make it. Sorry but I have to go make piece with God. Good-bye world.


We made it, it was a miracle! Right at the last second planes had come along with U.S soldiers. In less than 5 minutes the battle was really over and WE won. It also pissed me off too. For weeks us rebels were fighting off Birdies, so they decide (and by they, I mean the soldiers) now. I was walking, holding my arm, I found paramedics and they fixed me up pretty good.

I was dizzy and nauseous from all the blood I lost. I found Matt sitting on some steps and I went to join him.

'You feel alright?' He asked concerned.

'No. I feel like crap.' I replied, my voice kind of sketchy. Just then I saw a very familiar face. Could it be? No.

Yup! Captain Greg Kota. Greg was my old captain when I served in the Military. His dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, I would recognize him anywhere.

'Right on time. 3 weeks ago would have been fine.' I snarled and gave a dirty look at him.

'Well sorry, but it's hard to walk from New Jersey to here.' He snarled back.

I would have loved to continue, but I decided to just let it go. 'What do want?'

'I have a mission for you.' A mission? He went on. 'I need you to take my fleet to California and take it.'

'Why California?' I asked very confused.

'Because the enemy only controls the East and West coasts. New York is the main part of the East-'

'And California is the main part of the West, I'll get my stuff together.'


The whole flying business was very new to Matt and he wasn't very good at it (what do expect?). He was surprised that he even got airborne. You could so pick him out if saw if all the 100-something jets; he'd be the one swerving around. It didn't help with Keaton giving him orders like he didn't even know what flying was. Keaton acted like he was better than him sometimes because he had more military experience. Whatever, he would prove him wrong. Matt looked on his screen and saw trouble.

'Keaton I'm picking up something.' Matt said

'Same here. Evasive action!' he replied.

Then the most incredible fight of his life began.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Explosions everywhere, dogfights were much harder and scarier. I had two on my tail and I couldn't shake. I tried a couple of manures I learned in the military but those failed. It was like they knew every trick in the book.

'Mat I got trouble!' I said tensely.

'Coming!' Matt replied.

'Destroy Matt he interferes too much!' General Greg Kota barked. He was cunning as he was evil. Keaton was walking into a trap that he set. Keaton doesn't even know who is own enemy is. He was a part of it for fifteen years. Yup! The U.S Army. Greg had taken out the President, therefore taking over the army, and then taking America. And no one knows, not even Keaton.

What Greg did was change the uniforms and make them talk some gibberish in a Russian accent. And again, Keaton took the bait.

'Missiles locked sir.'

Greg hesitated a little, got one last look, and said, 'Destroy target.'


'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' I screamed bloody murder. One second I looked behind me and the next second Matt was blown to scraps. Rage, sadness and vengeance filled my heart. Losing Matt felt worse than getting shot in the arm, and trust me I know what that feels like. Over the weeks I had attached to him, he became one of my best friends (and I don't get a lot of them), and for those bastards to take him, oh I would get them.

'It's not all that bad.' Greg beeped in. 'He had it coming. He should have just stayed put, mind his own business.' That's what Matt was trying to tell me. Before we left he tried telling me something about Greg but didn't get the chance. Greg was the Traitor!!

'Oh you, oh you, you, you, you! You'd better hope I don't find you, because if I do I'm going to kill you.'

'I'm not a traitor,' he began, 'you are. Search your mind, you were once part of this organization.' Then Greg beeped out.

HAHA! That got him thinking. All were going as planned for Greg. He knew Keaton would figure it out eventually. He couldn't wait to see Keaton's own men turn on him when he gave the order. He couldn't wait any longer he gave the order.



'Execute him.'

What did he mean by that? Was I a traitor? And what did he mean by me being part of the organization? I would have to figure that later because my squad was forming up behind me. Oh come on! Really? What else was my old traitor general going to throw at me?

Just as I expected, my fleet drifted back and started firing at me. I was a skilled pilot but it was me against like 100 other pilots- I was no match! I tried avoiding them, using all the tricks I knew. I lasted for awhile but I knew my death was coming and I couldn't avoid that (hasn't been the first time I said that!).

I put my jet in hyper mode (I forgot to mention that) and zoomed out of sight. I knew they would appear soon so I had to get out of sight fast. I know! I was flying over a forest so I pressed the 'eject' button on my control panel.

Immediately the plane broke apart and I started falling. I didn't panic because I knew what to do. I looked and found the string that shot out my parachute. I pulled the string but nothing came out. CRAP! I looked behind me and saw there wasn't a parachute. I looked down and saw all the trees. This is probably the closest I've ever come to death. I braced myself for what was about to happen.

Falling-sharp pines scraping against me-branches-cuts everywhere-enemies above-memories buzzing through my head-I see my girlfriend, parents, friends, foes, allies of war, images from Iran, the people I've killed, and Matt-make contact with ground-hit head-blackness.

When I awoke, I heard footsteps and yelling. They know I am here. I quickly got up and ran for it. I didn't any type of weapons (except for a hand grenade) so I had no other choice but run. I made a sharp right and ran into a soldier. I turned back and there were more behind me. Soon I was surrounded. It looked as if they hated me and wanted to shoot me, but then Greg came out.


At first Greg was going to kill him. But then a crazy idea popped in his head. He would turn Keaton and had the perfect lie.

'My old friend,' he greeted. 'I have a deal for you.'

'Why would I make a deal with you? Traitor!' Keaton barked back sharply.

'You want to know something?' Greg asked. 'I'm not the traitor, and neither are you like I said before. See, you were sold out by your little uhhh- friends.'

Now he had him. Keaton had a puzzled look on his face.

'They betrayed you. FOR MONEY!' Greg raised his voice a little. 'And I didn't even offer it to them, they offered me the deal. Regretting the decision I said yes. But that is the past. I want to make you a job offer. How would you like to be the Admiral of my army? Second highest rank.'

I was so angry! My own team that I trusted sold me out for money! Hate filled my heart. I felt Greg was the only person I could trust. I no longer hated him, I felt like I needed is experience, and wisdom, and advice.
His little 'job offer' would be the only way I could get back at those miserable traitors!

'Sure.' I said, 'I would be proud.'


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