A Girl in an Easter Dress: A Eulogy

February 11, 2009
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A poem to begin'
Kimi, oh Kimi, the light of life left you
Eclipsed by the moon
A moon of coldness
A moon of indifference
A moon of unconcern

Where none cared enough to give
Give only a small charity
A charity of hope
A charity of sympathy
A charity to awareness of welfare

We wish you goodbye, not with strife in our hearts
But with hope of a better cure
A cure for others
A cure for the future
And a cure almost for Kimi

At four years young, Kimi Abrahamson was certainly a child to be friends with. I am grateful for her amiability for we we're close friends. With curly goldenrod Shirley Temple hair riddled by bobby pins, clips, barrettes, and bands, a frame: plump yet athletic and an angelic countenance: cute was an understatement. Obliviously after her mother, Electra got her ready for the day she added her own 'personal touches' as she said. Through these 'personal touches' Kimi became an individual uneasily replaceable. Her effervescent attitude would brighten the most extreme Emo; her love of life could stop any jumper and her kindness rivaled the Pope. Time after time, Kimi's presence could be seen as a radiant blaze passing through a room, following her, and then leaving as she did.

On a good day Kimi was four foot, but on extremely rare days she was three foot seven. Favorite colors were Easter colors namely emerald and hot pink which were incorporated into her wardrobe often along with vivid pins and bracelets; brilliant rings also swarmed her petite fingers. She frequently wore dark Sunset Boulevard sunglasses and dressed up in costumes; always strutting down the hallway with a flamboyant attitude. Even with azure eyes, fair skin and lips red as the rose, for some reason Kimi loved having her mother apply small amounts of make up, somehow allowing her to feel more grown up. But even without the make-up, Kimi's confidence never wavered, how could anyone who could count to a 119.

To me, board games were the name of her game. She enjoyed playing with siblings and friends often changing rules and sneaking cheats whenever her opponent's back twisted turned. One time, she mistakenly grabbed a handful of Monopoly fives dollar bills instead of the more desirable 500's to which nobody accused anything. When the game read eight and + she would find someway to fit in: the miser banker, master of the dice, seeker of the cheating or advisor to the incompetent. When told she was not smart enough to play she would lug heavy encyclopedias onto her lap and stare at the words attempting to masquerade intelligence. After all, in her mind, knowledge was gained through effort.

Kimi's career changed like the date; always depending on who she wanted to help. A person was sick; a doctor graduated from Imaginary Medical University. Someone said her drawing was super; a painter blossomed amid vibrant colors. A computer was not working; an android materialized speaking binary. When I needed help with my math homework, she became by personal tutor and helped me punch in numbers on a calculator. Everything from actress to zoologist stood in the sights her bicycle's pinwheel. Anything was possible to Kimi. And Kimi could achieve anything.

Kimi had initiative. Once planned, she would follow through. Once upon a time, a neighbor was stricken with what Kimi called 'sniffles'. All morning she labored over baking cookies to lighten her patient's attitude. Without any help, but parental supervision, she successfully turned tough dough into incredibly hard tablets, seriously Moses could've of carved the Ten Commandments on them. With ignorance of measuring cups, she choice to Rachael Ray 'freestyle' ingredients, cooked at 451 degree temperatures, and produced basically Franken-cookies. The anxiety chiseled upon her mother's face worried her father Ambrose; as they offered the cookies to the neighbor. Bed ridden, her patient stared into Kimi's jovial face and bit a nibble. Instantly and smile erupted over his face, through Kimi's efforts the coarse cookies tasted splendor than cookies baked by Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart combined (then when Kimi left they called poison control NOT FOR THE COOKIES in his sniffle daze he mistook bleach for milk).

Disney movies crowned her list of watchable films. Each taught her new morals which she tried including in her day and the endings always got her a little verklempt. At the moment Sleeping Beauty's, Aurora, was her favorite Disney Princess because of her illustrious beauty and her beautiful heart. One of her many pastimes comprised of reenacting movies with toys and dolls and, of course, herself performing the leading female role. She always hated when her family watched scary movies and sent her to bed.

The words that seemed constantly exploding out of her mouth were 'Let me do it.' Kimi was independent. Insisting that she could do anything a 'big kid' could do. Often when her mother would ask if help need be, she would reply, 'No thank you, I can do it on my own.' More phrases were, 'What'cha doin'?' a question asked to all the kids on the playground one time or another and after one play date both were tighter than Mr. Potter and his money.

Kimi had a soft spot for all creatures. With the exception of anything with more than four legs; creepy crawlies' she wasn't a fan. Her family owned a playful energetic German shepherd named Muffin, but Kimi had her own tuxedo cat, Mr. Mistoffelees, whom she loved. Because of this love, a rumor began that Mr. Mistoffelees was once caught up in a redwood tree. Kimi scaled the soaring tree like Wesley on the Cliffs of Insanity, rescued him, and then leaped off landing on her very feet catlike' I'm a witness. When someone mentioned any animal in distress or anything thereof, Kimi was touched by the story and preceded with a plan of aid.

Kimi went on adventures daily. Sometimes I was invited and we ventured from rescuing Mr. Mistoffelees and Muffin from the evil lampshade Boistrana to journeying to Vampire Mountain to stop an evil ritual that would endanger her new vampire friend Alcyone. Kimi's imagination ran more rampant than great firestorm of the London fire. Her imaginary friend, Avalon, helped her many times on these ultra-hazardous quests. Sometimes their escapades got so scary Stephen King and Edger Allen Poe would have scrambled over each other to escape, but together Kimi and Avalon were a duo specializing in conquering evil.

On one of these adventures, while defeating the evil dragon Conflagro she collapsed. Her homeostasis skewed severely. She was diagnosed with Childhood Chronic lymphocytic leukemia. She had mostly good days in the beginning but each good day quickly ran dry. She was in constant pain for what seemed like eons. Her frame and sparkling Shirley Temple hair soon perished. All that was left of the once youthful energetic Kimi was a delicate little girl coughing in bed. But one thing didn't change: her love of life. Her attitude was steadfast and immovable. An effervescent composure shined through the dismal hospital life of treatment. She remained an ensign of hope and optimism till the end of her life. She fought unceasingly for three years until the illness overthrew her as she fell asleep and never woke up. She was buried in her favorite Easter dress. The gown expressed the resurrection and beauty of spring and expressed the persona of Kimi. But I know that Kimi is still alive. That elsewhere she is expressing and teaching the needs of love and peace. That she is more than a girl in an Easter dress within an ominous coffin: she is an emblem of resurrection and happiness; an emblem of spring.
To Kimi, life was a ride she intended to drive until the gas tank indicated beyond empty, ignorant of extreme gas prices. Her enthusiasm for life and love was a fountain of youth for all to drink and enjoy. Algebraically, amiability + cuteness / benevolence = Kimi; with a zero percent chance of error. Kimi Abrahamson was never a dime a dozen, but a diamond in the rough. In her lifetime the impression she left was deeper than the Mariana Trench. With our physical connection severed we shall not stop experiencing the feelings that existed while Kimi was alive. Never to be forgotten after her tragic death of childhood leukemia in 2005. We will remember Kimi for who she was and still is: A purveyor of compassion, a harbinger of love and especially an emblem of spring.

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