Global Warming

February 11, 2009
By Becca Brown BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Becca Brown BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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One morning, I look out the window. All I see is people. People here and people there. The year is 3060. I live in Nebraska. People move here because in places like New York and L.A. have been flooded because of global warming. People don't really care about going green and recycling when there isn't a problem but when we don't have any more natural resources then they start to notice that something bad might happen.
I am a person who recycles and doesn't use much electricity. I saw on the news that we are, as the U.S.A., are the #1 country who emit the most carbon dioxide into the ozone layer. There are about 3 continents left. Australia, South America, and Africa were flooded and now they all have about 1 mile of land left. Antarctica melted. This whole catastrophe killed about 4 trillion people and left about two hundred thousand stranded in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian. Any body who has survived has the mess has struggled to find land.
I live in Omaha because I heard about global warming when I was a kid. I moved here because I realized that this is right in the middle of a big country. When I go to the store there isn't any thing there. The U.S.A. can't produce enough supplies for all the people who live here. My family is scared because we don't know if we'll make our food and clothes last.
Today the scientists have found a way the make the ozone layer smaller so that the U.V. from the sun can bounce off the earth and go back to the sun.

30 years later, I'm 64 years old, and I have made it through. It's all over. The sun came out and some of the water dried up. Antarctica will never be again. South America and Africa came up and now there is about 3,000,000 square miles on each. Australia is still mostly covered with water. We were told that the life expectancy is about 60. One of my kids died when he was 12 because he got mold in his lungs and kidneys.

Well now it's raining again and now the scientists know how to make it stop so we won't get over flooded.

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