My Co-passenger and I

July 5, 2016
By RajaviMishra GOLD, Noida, Other
RajaviMishra GOLD, Noida, Other
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Head groomed with dyed black hair , black wavy beard concealing his genial , obtruding eyes and his hanging paunch displayed a queer physical image. I was appalled when I saw a mammoth like structure , blocking my view by fitting into the tapered train passage.
                                                                              He walked in brusquely , and condescendingly introduced himself , "Myself Harjeet , I have booked 2 sleepers. He abruptly stuffed his luggage in , knocking my luggage down. With no courtesy of seeking apology , he smiled showing his yellow teeth with a tinge perhaps a tobacco eater.
                                                                               He was belligerent towards those who were unwilling to listen to him not unlike that vendor selling chips and snacks . A flaming combat would have initiated by the denial of extra freebies by the vendor. Making use of his robustness he overpowered others.
                                  His booming ringtone woke me up from my sleep. He began talking in his hoarse adenoidal voice maybe to his wife , " I'll be home by nine. By the way I made a lot of profit this time by over praising my products and making use of my sturdiness.

                                        I was horrified !! My nose started sniffing when i saw him eating greasy savories. I enlarged my myopic vision when i saw him dropping savories all around his flamboyant shirt. Oh my my ! I could not bear that anymore. I shut my eyes and immediately wore my ear muffs to avoid his nuisance.

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