Canada vs Texas...Go Figure.

February 12, 2009
'Class, we are going to be debating a very controversial issue. As you all know, we have an exchange student from the very Frenchy, yet beautiful province of Ontario, Canada. A bit cooler up there, as you might guess. We Texan's would most likely freeze the minute we stepped off our plane. Anyway, we will be pairing up into groups of two, and one lucky winner will get paired with Chandra herself!'
I rolled my eyes and slapped my pencil onto my desk. Why were we doing this again? I absolutely hated debating. I turned in my seat and warily eyed Chandra. What do you want to bet that in five minutes I would be sitting next to her in humility?
'Anyway'' My history teacher, Mr. Krull, pushed his ancient glasses back onto his nose and scanned the classroom. 'Do you want to pick partners'' He trailed off, and shook his head. 'No, that wouldn't be right. I will draw names.' He leaned over his desk and quickly scribbled all of the class's names as we waited patiently. A minute later, I sat straighter in my desk as he read the names. 'Kari and Shawn, Dustin and Mike, Lucy and Megan'' I yawned and slid down. 'Cassie and Chandra.' Of course. I bolted back up and gaped at my teacher, laughing to myself. This can't be happening. 'Get into your groups, you have ten minutes. I'm not requesting any paperwork, but I will walk around to make sure you are working!'
I groaned as I stood and dragged myself towards Chandra's desk. Why did I always end up getting paired with the smartest kids? Just to make me look that much more stupid? She grinned broadly at me and I forced a smile back. I didn't feel like smiling.
'Hey. I was hoping I would get paired with you.' I inwardly raised an eyebrow. Interesting. 'Okay, right to work.' Canadian accents are strange. Yet, very cool. I never talked with Chandra, but from what I've seen, she's pretty full of herself. 'What is your debate?'
'Huh?' Intelligent, not! 'Oh. Well Texas is better, because uh. It's warmer.' I sucked in a breath. Only nine more minutes of torture.
'Well, okay. I like Canada because of all the wildlife. Everything from moose to your average deer can be found there.'
'Good one.' I forced another smile and forced myself to relax. 'Okay, well.' I paused and tried to gather my thoughts. You'd think they would give you more prep time for something like this. 'Texas has a population of 20,044,141 people!' I smirked. I was glad I learned something in History.
Chandra blinked in surprise. 'Wow. You almost have as many people in one state as we do in our country. Population of Canada is a whopping 33,507,506!' She gave a soft smile.
I nodded. 'Wow.' I cocked my head and shifted. She remained still. 'Everyone waves in Texas.'
At this she laughed. 'Who said they don't wave in Canada?'
I shrugged. 'I don't know. I've heard things about the northern states not waving as much as us southerners. '
'Guess you can't believe everything you hear, huh?'
I nodded again. 'Yeah.' We were quiet for a minute, and just then, Mr. Krull walked past our desk.
'Are you guys working?' We both nodded vigorously, but I'm pretty sure he didn't believe us. 'Uhh huh.' He nodded and stepped down the aisle to the next desk.
Chandra and I looked at each other, and for some reason, we laughed. I guess you really can't judge people on what they know.
One more point for the Canadians. Go figure

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Annieboo said...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 11:38 pm
I loved the debate between the two girls. It brought out personality and it was entertaining to read. Also, I loved the message at the end.
Bopo the pandagirl said...
Dec. 3, 2010 at 7:35 pm

You should give it a little work and it'd be  a lot better. Keep on writing writer ;)


earlybird_8 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 17, 2010 at 2:19 pm
What's that about Canadian accents? I guess if you compare them to Texan accents... People from northern states like Washington and Montana sound the same as Canadians. I like Canada better, because it isn't as crowded and it's cooler (temperature-wise). It's only if you go really far north (where basically no one lives) that you get the snow-all-year-round. Both places are nice, though. 
MisplacedTexan14 said...
Jan. 14, 2010 at 8:58 pm
Texas is definetly better.
Summersong replied...
May 29, 2010 at 9:37 am
For sure :D
CutiePie95 replied...
Feb. 20, 2012 at 8:32 pm
Exept for the tarantulas. Well, if that's still a problem.
greenwithvelvet said...
Dec. 4, 2009 at 5:08 pm
Well done!! A simple example of the the little things that change our lives... I love it.
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