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February 26, 2009
By Bree Murrin SILVER, Park City, Utah
Bree Murrin SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Eris: Eris is your average shepherd girl on the out skirts of Troy. She is very short and very skinny but she has a lot of muscle from working around the fields. She has long curly brown hair and bronzed skin. Her face is very pretty, symmetrical and she has two brown eyes with gold rims. She usually wears a slightly torn up tan dress that exposes her shoulders that drapes over her body and fits snuggly. At times she wears different clothes that she made herself or later in the story where she wears finer things in Troy. She mostly has resemblance to her father and her teeth are very straight.

Eris might be as delicate as a flower but she is as tough as a rock. She is an extremely fast runner and she believes in fighting for what's right. She is ethical but poised and she is thinks she can do many things when people doubt her. Her flaw is that she can't say no to anything because she has a slight obsession to help people. She loves with her whole heart but if she really hates you she will act it. She has the demeanor of a warrior but the appearance of a stick. She thinks instead of a stick, she is a sword.

Icelos: Icelos is one of Troy's King's advisors that doesn't always see eye to eye with everyone else. When the King makes a move he doesn't agree with he makes a devious plan to over throw him. He feels that he is doing something for Troy but it is just tearing the kingdom apart. He is mean and icy but he is conniving and self -centered. He wants the kingdom as a republic for the people but he would like to be the leader of it. He is sick of being second best to Petrelis, another advisor who is obviously the King's favorite. He seeks revenge and he will do anything to get what he wants.

Icelos is a scrawny man that is slightly shorter then the average greek man and he is thin. He has jet black hair that is cropped short unlike most greek styles. His eyes are a dark brown and his nose is crooked. He has a very political mind because he has been in the A

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