The Murderer

February 26, 2009
By Jonathan Pritt BRONZE, Grove City, Ohio
Jonathan Pritt BRONZE, Grove City, Ohio
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One day in the large city of New York, New York, it was a different day. Officer Clark's family was murdered, and he was at the crime scene sobbing. Detective Jones, wearing a long trench coat walked up behind him and asked, 'Do you know anyone that might have done this?'

'No,' Officer Clark said, wiping away his tears. 'But whoever did this will be punished,' he continued in a calm but determined voice. Office Clark stood there wearing his police uniform.

'This is right, we will catch him,' in a reassuring voice. Then they walk over to the crime scene, 'These bullets came from a Desert Eagle.'

'Hey look over here! I found the gun,' yelled one of the investigators. Both of them walk over there and saw the find, Officer Clark looked in shock; it was a Silver Desert Eagle. It was the signature of the criminal he arrested that escaped recently; he was doing 20 years in prison for murder. He informed the detectives and they told him that they can't prosecute him until they have reasonable evidence. As the detective saw the rage within Officer Clark start, it almost looked as if steam was going to shoot out his ears. But he remembered the hideout where he has caught him last, that instance he grabbed his AK-47 and walked to his car but was stopped.

'Were you going? Wait until we get some evidence,' asked the detective.

'I'm going to get revenge, I have all the evidence I need,' as he got in his car and sped off.
When he got there, there were a ton of thugs, about thirty of them with Handguns, they saw him and they shot at him so he hid behind his police car. There was about thirty of them, He shot them one by one. Then he saw the Murderer, the rage inside of him was released. He stood up and just fired, bullets flew passed his face and he just kept firing. Once he ran out of ammunition, he hid behind his car again.

There are about fifteen of them left, they kept firing and firing at his car. Officer Clark hid as his car was being destroyed. Then, it sounded like his chance he heard them reloading and stood up to fire back, then The Murderer tricked him and shot him in the shoulder. Officer Clark hit the floor behind his car and yelled with pain. The Murderer walked up and tied him up, punched him in the face and took him hostage. He dragged him into their hideout and threw him in a room and locked the door; Officer Clark was knocked out so he didn't know what was going on. But, after he woke up he remember he Clark still had on his police uniform and got his 9mm handgun and shot The Murderer in the leg after he escaped and then kept punching and punching him in the face until Officer Clark was satisfied and then asked himself, 'should I shoot him or should I let him rot in prison?' He decided to take him to prison because he didn't want to be charged for murder if they didn't have the correct amount of evidence and it ended up being someone else.

- Later that week -

The next week he had his trial. During the trial, the investigators found hair and fingerprint evidence. The Murderer didn't even remember what happened, and said in confusion, 'what's going on?' He got life in prison, but he was confused and only had the IQ of a three year old from all the damage Officer Clark did. He was in almost a full body cast and his face was black and blue from all the bruises. After the trial, the police carried him out of the court room with a big scream in pain caused by the Murderer being hurt and the police officers had no mercy for him. Officer Clark with a big smile on his with justice in the making, but thought of his family but felt better that The Murderer is now locked up forever.

'Congratulations,' said Detective Jones.

'Thank you, but it still won't be the same,' he replied as he thought of his family.

'Well, at least you know he is punished for his actions,' reassured the Detective.

'Yes, and they informed me that they're putting in a mass security prison that will insure he won't be escaping anytime soon...'

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