God's Nickname is Fate

February 25, 2009
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It was never a surprise to see Terri and Liz chowing down in the local family restaurant after a long day of work. Discussing topics of life, love, work, and whatever seemed to pop into their heads. Their laughs and tears decorated the scene. It was like their lives were a free movie for the strangers around them, and everyone seemed to look forward to the company.

Both girls had been sitting down for a while, chatting and waiting patiently for their meals. Time was never an issue for them; their enjoyment for the moment usually helped them ignore the outside reality, but today was a little different, at least for Liz. Thoughts seemed filled her mind, and everyone noticed it.

'What's wrong Liz? You haven't talked much today. I think your interacting more with your fork and spoon than me,' Terri said with a concerning tone in her voice.
Liz looked up from her hands that seemed to always fidget on something. 'I'm not sure. I guess I have just been thinking a lot lately. Do you think everything here happens for a reason, because it's leading us to where we need to go, or is it all God.' Her voice cracked and silenced, as if to keep others from hearing her.

'Um, I am not quite sure I know what you mean,' Terri stated, confused with what she had just been asked, 'I know that God has a plan for us, that he set out this idea for what our lives will be. Is that what you're asking me?'

'Kind of. I am just not so sure I believe that we all have this predetermined plan for us. What about our choices? If God decided how my life would be before we even made our first decision what would be the point in making choices, or even living for that matter? We would all end up in the same place anyway.' Terri pondered Liz's questions. A sensitive topic was occurring and she wanted to state her mind in a manner that would please her well.

'Liz I believe that God does have our lives planned out. I believe that he does end up taking us where we are planned to go, and there are no ways around it, BUT I do not think you can go on with life not making decisions because of this. To get to the spot that God made for us, we must make our own decisions, our own choice that we control. If we do not, that spot will not be worthy of us, and it will be a harder and longer trip to there. We will get there though. Does that make sense?' Terri asked, confident that her answer what the correct.

'Yeah I guess, but I am still not sure I believe in that. What if everything is our own choice, if it wasn't I don't think we would get anywhere''

'Well yeah I mean you have to make choices,'

'Hold on let me finish,' Liz said, 'Okay, so I do believe there is a God, no doubt. But I think he has made everything our choice, and that there are signs or signals that lead us to the right direction, to being happy.

'Signs?' Terri asked, confusion scrunching her face.

'Yeah, like serendipity. That's it right? Fortunate accidents! That's what they defined it in that movie, but don't think I am comparing real life to a movie.'

'Then what are you doing Liz? I am not sure you're making sense.'

'I just think that maybe it all revolves around fate and time. That everything that will happen to us is caused by our choices and fate is there to send us these signs to lead us the right way. Everything happens for a reason and happens when we let it. Say something big passes you by and you ignore it. You don't even notice it. I think it will come around to you again because fate says it is supposed to happen. Am I making more sense?' Liz asked her, hoping her words didn't butcher what she was trying to explain.

'I guess so, I am not sure if I believe that though. I think fate is just an excuse people use when things happen in their lives that they cannot explain. Those are happenings of God, not fate.'

'And I believe it to be opposite, they happen due to fate.' Liz's words were covered in confidence of what believed in. Their argument called for more talk, but seemed to be heading in the direction of repetition.

'I think this is just something that we have to accept our different beliefs in, or we will be at this for hours,' Terri said.

'Agreed.' Both girls laughed at each other, killing the awkwardness of the past conversation. They may be best friends, but everyone has their differences.

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