Diary About Van Halen

February 25, 2009
By Kendall Phipps BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Kendall Phipps BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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Dear Diary,

Oh wow, if anyone knew that I have a diary, I would get shunned. My years of being a rockstar would be over. Eddie would not stop making fun of me, too. But ther're all asleep, so I think I'm safe. Okay, so we played a concert in New York today. It was AWESOME! And I sang quite well if I say so myself. There were these HOT chicks in the front. They threw their bras at me. That's right. The Roth is getting some right after I write this. Woo! But yeah, we played pretty well, but the groupies is what makes this whole famous thing so fun. Oh crap, Wolfgang is waking up! I'll write in this tomarrow. Bye!
-David Lee Roth

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