Changes happen: Chapter 2

March 2, 2009
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Chapter 2: Conversation
I felt a hand touch my shoulder and gently shake me awake. I got such a fright.
'Get away from me.' I yelled jumping up not looking to see who it was.
'Calm down, it's only me.' He said
The voice made my heart ache and I knew who it was. I wasn't going to look at him so I looked out at the magnificent view of the hillsides while placing myself on the seat again.
'Will you look at me?' He asked
'I can't' I said almost in a whisper.
'Why not?' he asked sitting down next to me on the seat.
My heart skipped a beat then started to beat incredibly fast.
'Because.' I didn't want to tell him.
'Because why?' he asked still intrigued.
I could tell he wasn't going to give in and neither was I, so I sat there.
'Okay, you don't have to look at me but let me explain.'
'I don't want to hear it.' I said almost spinning around to see his face but I stopped myself.
He laughed at that.
'Don't laugh at me.' I said
'Sorry.' He sniggered. 'I really do like you, you know.'
I laughed this time. 'So your way of showing me how much you like me is dumping me.' I laughed again but it had no humour in it.
He paused. 'Please let me explain.'
'NO! I don't want to hear it.' I said as I stood and started to walk away but was stopped by his arm.
'Don't touch me.' I said as I met his gaze, my heart blazed with pain.
'See that wasn't so hard to stare at me was it?'
'Yes.' I said as I looked away.
'Oh.' He sighed
He started to explain. I moaned.
'Just let me.'
I gave in and sat down still not staring at him.
'Okay, Lilly and I were biology partners and I always used to ask her about you all the time. She would tell me stuff I would love to hear like how much you were in love with me. That made me love you even more.' He paused 'Lilly and I started to talk more and more but it became less about you.'
I moaned again 'I don't want to hear anymore, I get it you like her so you dump me.'
'I still like you though.' He said
'Yea well you can't have both.'
'I know.' He said
'I just want you to know that you have ruined Lilly and I's friendship and I HATE you both.'
'Okay I understand.' He stopped and I could just about hear him thinking. 'Can you please tell me why you can't look at me it's driving me crazy.'
I decided to give in.
'What do you think?'
'I don't know I'm ugly?'
'Huh.' I snorted.
He laughed, 'Well tell me.'
I sighed 'Fine, it hurts.' I explained.
I took a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye and he had confusion all over his face.
'What do you mean?'
I sighed. 'I was in love with you Eddie.' I said turning to see his face fully, tears running down my face once again. 'When ever I look at you pain fills my heart and it feels like it's broken into thousands of little pieces.'
His face went sympathetic.
'Don't.' I complained
'Sorry,' He said he knew I hated it when people did that. 'I never knew you felt that way.'
'Yea well you do know.' i said coldly.
'Can I ask you something?' I didn't want to meet his eyes again.
'How long have you and Lilly been going out?'
Pain filled his face or maybe guilt I wasn't sure.
'A month.' He said
I gasped I knew he had been cheating on me, but I didn't expect it to be for so long. I realised I didn't just gasp once I was still I was out of breath in shock and pain. I looked into Eddies eyes this time and he was worried.
'Cat'' Breath.'
I took his advice, slowly I could breath again.
'Cat never do that to me I was so worried.'
I was still trying to get my breath back.
'A MONTH.' I yelled
He jumped with fright.
'A MONTH.' I yelled again 'A MONTH.'
'Calm down.' He said putting a hand on my shoulder.
'DON'T touch ME,' I yelled pushing his hand of my shoulder. 'You CHEATED on me'.. For a MONTH.'
'You freak'.asshole'..self obsessed dick''.lying cheater.'
He just sat there taking whatever name I called him not saying anything. Once I was done he finally spoke.
'I deserved that.' He said
'Cat, you deserve someone better.'
'Dam right I do and my names Catherine.'
'Cat don't be like this.'
'Catherine.' I corrected him.
He sighed, 'Catherine, you deserve someone that cares for you and wants to hang out all the time and loves you.'
'Huh, I thought you did.'
'I did.'
I stood up.
'I can't believe I was ever in love with you Eddie Saxon.'
Pain filled his face and I'm sure I saw a tear but I didn't care anymore.
And with that I turned and ran away, away from my old life heading towards the new and improved Catherine Hoax.

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