March 2, 2009
By Casey Smtih SILVER, Mattawan, Michigan
Casey Smtih SILVER, Mattawan, Michigan
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My hands where totally white, wind was gushing at my face like there was a tornado coming, my legs where shaking from all the exhausting walking up the tall mountains of the Himalayas.
It was mid day and I was in a car in Nepal ready to go in the Mountains of the Himalayas and climb the tallest mountain in the world, Everest. I was so nervous that I wanted to go back, so nervous I thought I was going to die, so nervous that I didn't want to climb the mountain, but my dad said I could do it. My name is Jack and I'm 22 and I wanted to be the youngest one to climb Mt. Everest. I have climbed in the Rockies and I loved it. I thought I was ready to climb Mt. Everest.
When I saw the Himalayas, I looked and heard all the wind blowing past me, I saw the gigantic mountains rising over the clouds, smelled the freezing air going through my nostrils, and felt the beautiful black, smoothly rock next to me. We got all are stuff packed and we were ready to go in the morning I was so excited.
We woke up early to get a good start the trip was going to take 3 days and we were going about a third of the way up and then come back down. My dad told me to dress super warm I wore 5 layers of cloths I was sweating all ready it felt if I just ran 5 miles. We hurried up and drove to the bottom of Everest got all are stuff and started climbing. Once I took about 10 steps I was all ready tired, every step seemed like it took all the energy out of me, it felt like I was going to fall any second, the snow was so deep and freezing that it went up to my waste every step. I was thought to myself how was it possible for people to climb the mountain when I'm all ready tired after 10 steps .
After a long and super tiring half hour of walking I asked my dad if we could take a break and he said yes and had the hurry-up-and-sit look. I couldn't believe how hard it was to climb this I could barely walk and my dad knew and asked me if I wanted to go down, but I said no. After about 5 minutes we started to go higher and higher and we saw some of the Himalaya wolves at first I was scared that they were going to attack us but my dad said we were safe. They where beautiful they had awesome shiny gray fur, big pointy ears, and dangerous sharp claws, luckily they didn't attack us. The mountain was starting to get really steep and hard to climb and all of a sudden I heard my dad yell and I saw blood coming down the snow I sprinted to my dad and realized that he slipped and fell right on his leg and broke it. He was breathing as hard as he possibly could to stay alive, yelling super loud as the pain traveled through his body, starring at me to go get some help. I hurried and grabbed my sleeping bag out of my backpack and put it on my dads leg to help it not get effected. Also I grabbed tons of blankets to keep him warm. I was so nervous, he said it was going to be OK, but I know it wasn't. He told me to go down and get help as fast as I can. I sprinted to try to get down the mountain but we were really high and I was so hungry I could eat a horse , my legs were shaking, and I was super tired, but I had to keep going. I had frostbite all over my hands I was really freezing but I knew it was up to me to save my dads life. I looked behind me and he was gone, but I ran faster. Then the wind laughed when it knocked me over, but I pushed right back up and kept running. After the longest 30 minutes of running in my life I knew I wasn't even close to the bottom I was I tired as my body could be, also I had frostbite on my face and hands and I knew I was going to die on Mt.Everest. After 5 minutes of more walking I finally gave up and I fell in the deep snow and fell asleep.
All of a sudden I woke up it was pitch dark and their was this huge helicopter soaring right up above, at first I thought I was dreaming but I saw my dad in the helicopter and I tried to get up but I couldn't my legs were frozen solid, I felt like I was going to die, then I fell back to sleep.
I woke up again and their was a huge machine with tons of chords connecting to my body I was so scared. I tied to get up but I couldn't because I had frostbite on all my legs and arms, it was gross. I looked beside me and their was my dad sitting up on the hospital bed. He told me that there was some climbers that saw him and called for help on their phones and the helicopters saved us and that I fell asleep for about two days ad thought I was dead. He said that he broke his leg and rib when he fell and I had frostbite all over and I have to cut my right leg off because it had to much frostbite on it.
Me and my dad had to stay in the hospital for a month for everything to heal so we can walk again. I had to get a fake leg to walk and I could barely run, my dad had to where a cast and do crutches for three months. I was still happy though because I thought we were going to die for sure. After climbing Everest I learned that to never climb unless you came really prepared and new exactly what you where doing or you will end up like us.

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