St. Joseph's Hospital

February 5, 2009
By running593 PLATINUM, New City, New York
running593 PLATINUM, New City, New York
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St. Joseph's Hospital

June 5, 2009
12:47 a.m.
Looking at the light green capsules on the table, her hand, shaking, went forth to grab a handful. In the other hand was a note which was poorly written and had little significance to her. She figured maybe it would reassure her loved ones as a long, belated, goodbye. She thought that it would be better if she just went, while she was in the moment, to save any regret. To silence forever those thoughts that kept her from actually doing something with her life; whether or not she was starting her life by changing its direction, or ending her life with an overdose of Lunesta. With all of the overwhelming stress and guilt that was piling up on her heart, every second that she remained alive the decision seemed ideal.

June 5, 2009
1:18 a.m.
A woman lied in bed, and woke from the nightmare that brought her to this room. As the woman looked around the room, she saw a couple of chairs, a small television in the upper right corner, and a large window which showed apartment buildings and parking. Her head started to turn to the tubes that traveled in and around her arms. A nurse walked in with a tray of food, and left it on a small cart next to the woman's bed.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital. People were rushing to bring the fragile woman to safety. She was swiftly taken off the stretcher and into a hospital bed that was rolled into the building. A blur of noise came through the long hallway, followed by doctors who spoke with elevated voices and walked swiftly alongside the bed. A small woman lied, petrified, holding her brother's hand. The doctor repeatedly asked her questions to evaluate her mental stability. When she didn't respond, the doctor's eyes fell on the woman's brother.

'She hates hospitals' he said.

A nurse walked in to check on her. She opened her mouth to speak, but she was stopped by the movement of the woman's hand. The woman gave the nurse a smile, and she was left alone. She turned her head towards the window, and she estimated how far up she was from the ground, and if the distance would be enough to kill her. The impact from the fall would instantly kill, but it would be highly unlikely for someone in her condition to even consider walking down the hallway to the larger window.

A tall figure walked into the room and stood in front of the bed. Tears quietly rolled down both of his cheeks. He was dressed in jeans and a white polo shirt and he faced the window. He didn't know how to address her, what to say, how to feel. She looked at him with pleading eyes, and hoped for forgiveness. Her body hunched over slightly, and tried to hide her shame.

'Why?' he asked.

No reply, followed by a blank stare, and a sigh of disappointment.

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