Say Cheese

February 5, 2009
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Say Cheese

'Hey, honey I can't talk right now I have a plane to catch, so is Raven coming over to keep you company while I'm in New York?' my serious yet vigorous mom said as she grabbed her keys, and looked around confused.
'Yes mom, Raven's coming over and so are the guys,' I said to my confused mom. 'Mom, here,' I said as I handed her, her favorite carry on pillow she used while she was on the plane ride to whatever city she was going to, 'Oh and can the guys sleep-over?'
She hesitated then answered, 'Yes that's fine. You know what can happen. And thank you, I love you. See you when I get back and I know, I will get you either a new book or something to do with photography, and for Raven get her something artsy, for Alexander I don't think he cares anymore, and for Damien something musical. Am I right?'
'Yes, Mom I know thank you; and yes that's right. Don't forget to text or call me when you land with the number to your hotel room please.' I said getting my new iPhone out after it went off.
'I know Helena,' my mom said kissing my forehead and rushed out the door, she had over an hour until boarding time but she likes to be early so she can finish the final sketch of her new fashion line. I got my camera out to get it ready for the photo/movie night. I texted Raven, 'hey what movies r u bringing over?'
'Ummm'idk yet but they'll be good'
'They better be!'
'U know they will be!'
'Lol yeppers'
'Ok cya l8r'
I sight as I turned my iPod to 'Stay Young' by We the Kings, who I got to see in concert along with Forever the Sickest Kids. My mom was on her way to New York, again. I mean what can I say; she's a single mom, and she's a fashion designer, and she is astounding at it even though I was born. I know that sounds weird and yes I wasn't a planned baby. She didn't even want a baby. My mom was an intern still for one of those high-end fashion designers. She was in New York or something and she met up with a guy from work. They were dating but then she didn't think he was going to do what he did. All she remembers was having one drink with the guy and going home cause she felt dizzy then blackness. She wasn't hung over but yet she didn't feel good and was sore. Then she put the things together and realized she was date raped. It's sad and I want to kill the guy who gave me life. That's kinda stupid but still. 'Ugh,' I thought, remembering the first time when I was 12 when my mom told me why I didn't have a father.
My mom actually believes that I want to be a model for her. I laugh at that and walk away because I would rather be a photographer who travels the world. Oh and I am an okay writer but not the best. I smiled at the memory of when Raven and I first met. We were in 6th grade and we were in a creative writing class. I got up to recite a made up story while everyone else chose an already published by a famous person's story. Afterwards Raven walked up to me and said she loved my story and wanted to be friends, and that was that we've been friends ever since. We are in 10th grade now.
The knock at the door woke me up from my daydream, 'Knock, knock were here!' In walked Raven and Alexander holding hands while Damien, my incredible and sweet, boyfriend got stuck with carrying the movies and soda. I laughed and hugged him before taking the movies and soda and put them by the popcorn, chips, and other soda on the gleaming glass table.
'So you mom is going to...' Damien asked stealing a kiss from me.
'New York and she's getting everyone something like usual,' I said and all of my friends had the look of excited six year olds on Christmas Day and at that I smiled.
'Have I ever told your mom that I love her?' Damien said smiling probably daydreaming about what my amazing mom is going to get him.
I laughed and said, 'Yep about every time she gets back and brings you something.' Everyone laughed and nodded in agreement.
'Hey when does your mom get back this time?' Alexander asked coming in form the kitchen with glass of water and set it on one of the costars on the table. He actually learned the last time when my mom threatened to not give him the gift she got Alexander.
'Actually this time I'm not sure. The company is going over the final designs and she might be featured in Fashion Week in Paris. BUT this is a might still guys I don't know how it's going to go.' I said and the looks of excitement as if they were six again only being told that they get to go to Disney World for the week. Yes I did say Fashion Week my mom is that good.
'OH MY GAWD!! Helena that is sooo amazing! I'm soo going to bring my sketch book and wait will your mom talk to my parents they are bound to fight about if I can go.' Raven said excitedly at first but then the nervousness of her parents fighting came. I gave her a huge hug and then Alexander hugged her.
'Ok let' go to the park and take pictures and relax to music! I mean seriously people I am really stressed out right now!' Damien said grabbing his camera and my hand. I smiled and grabbed my camera while turning my iPod off. Raven grabbed her sketchbook and Alexander already had his camera around his neck.
On the way to the park Xander, we call Alexander that, and Raven were talking while me and Damien were behind them talking. 'Okay, Damien what's wrong?' I asked, 'and don't give me that 'oh nothing' you are going to tell me!'
He sighed. 'Ok. My mom called me last night. She wants me to come to her wedding and live with her.'
I thought I was about to cry, 'DAMIEN YOUR MOM LIVES THREE HOURS AWAY!' Xander and Raven turned around and stopped dead in their path.
'I know.' He whispered. 'I told her that I would be in her wedding but there is NO way I'm going to move in with her and leave you. Helena you know I love you more than anything, even music.' Damien said as tears filled my eyes.
'Ok. I love you, too.' That was all I could get out before throwing myself into his arms. Xander and Raven walked back to give us a hug. Damien wiped my tears and took my hand again.
'UGH! Xander you're the only one who doesn't have crappy parents!' I said as we all started walking again.
'Psh. Yeah right. You know them they are always on my back acting like a coat about my grades. That's all they care about. Grades, grades, grades.' Xander said laughing.
'OK ENOUGH! Let's forget about our problems and take some pictures! Or well you know what I mean.' Raven said as we got to the park.
We all sighed and agreed while we got the iPod stereo set up and ran around taking gorgeous pictures of the autumn trees. We just walked around bouncing along to the bass filled music of Forever the Sickest Kids and We the Kings on shuffle. I snapped a couple of Raven sketching and the boys goofing off in the leaves. Even some parents let me take some of their children while they played on the watercolor looking playground. Damien caught me lying in the leaves and snapped a couple of me. I sighed, 'Man, autumn is soo beautiful! I love it!'
'Not as beautiful as you!' Damien said coming up from behind kissing my cheek and resting his head on my shoulder. I snapped a quick picture of him kissing me and of just standing there. We all took some couple shots and watched the elegant fall sunset before walking back to watch the movies.
When we got back to the apartment we all spread out with pillows and blankets and put in A Walk to Remember and Stay Alive when finally that was over we decided to get my touch screen lap-top out, hey my mom can afford it, to get our pictures ready for the up coming photo show at the coffee shop in town. We worked for about a half hour and then my iPhone went off. I was excited for a moment because I was waiting for the photo director of a really exclusive photo club that's taking a trip to Italy and they said they were interested so and would call or text me sometime in the next week. When I unlocked my phone it was just my mom. 'Hey, Helena I just arrived at the hotel now and I haven't checked in yet. It's really busy so it might be awhile with the room phone number. So don't wait up. Oh and I went into the studio earlier to check out the final designs and they said I made it into the Fashion Week in Paris! And don't worry the friends can come to. I'll talk to Raven's parents about it later. Pack your bags we leave in three days! Well I'll text you l8r, Helena. I love you. GET SOME SLEEP!'
'OH MY GAWD! GUYS WE CAN GO TO PARIS FOR FASHION WEEK! WE LEAVE IN THREE DAYS!' I practically screamed at my newly excited friends.
'WOOOOT!! IM SOOO EXCITED! I CAN'T WAIT!' Raven shrieked with a sparkle in her eyes.
'Wait. The Red-Jumpsuit Apparatus is on their world tour and will be in Paris all of Fashion Week! Helena, do you think we could go to one of their concerts?' Damien asked.
'Yeah probably. Hang on my phones ringing. Hello?' oh yeah this is'. Oh Really? That's awesome thank you! Yep see you in a couple months!' I said hanging up my phone. 'Ohh guys I'm going to miss you! They accepted my pictures! I'm going to Italy for the weekend!'
'Oh my gosh congrats! I am going to miss you.' They all said and gave me huge hugs.
After we were all done jumping for joy and squealing like little schoolgirls we all went to sleep with smiles on our faces. I was smiling thinking that my mom might actually be proud of me.

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daddy said...
Mar. 3, 2009 at 6:09 pm
Very creative. Would like to read more of her stories.
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