worst decision ever

February 3, 2009
By karen ochoa BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
karen ochoa BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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By: Karen Ochoa

It all started Friday night when both my parents had to go and out for a business trip. We were at the airport waiting for the airplane to be ready to leave. My parents left. I had to take the truck back to my house. I was driving back home when 'RING, RING' my phone rang it was one of my friends 'TRAVIEZA', hum I wonder what she was up to. 'Hello!' 'Hey Que estas haciendo?' she asked. 'I'm on my way back home I just dropped my parents off at the airport. Why?' I replied. 'So are you going to be alone at your house today?' 'Yea I am, my parents will be back in a week.' 'Ok, so ill be there in like 20 minutes, ok?' I wondered what she was coming for but I didn't ask her and I just replied with an 'Ok.' I got home and just gave a quick clean when 'DING DONG' the door bell. I opened the door and guess what? It was her. But not just her, there were like 20 more people behind her. 'What's this?' I asked. 'It's time to PARTY Loka'! (That was my nickname.) 'What? No!' I replied rapidly but it was too late. She had let everybody in. She said, 'Andale no seas amargada just for a little while and diviertete.' The idea was not too bad to refuse to. So, I didn't refuse. They brought beer and a few bottles of tequila. Travieza turned the music on and started dancing of course with a bottle of beer in her hand, people started following her and soon everybody was dancing. I stood aside watching, when she came up with another bottle of beer in her hand and gave it to me. At first I refused but I just didn't know how she would react since she was drunk already. I grabbed the bottle and gave it a zip but she said 'No. Echatela, echatela toda.' I was really happy that day, that I would do whatever they were telling me to do just to have some fun. We kept drinking and dancing the whole night until we had no more beer or tequila. They were asking for more liquor, telling me to go buy more. I wanted more to but I didn't want to drive. 'RING, RING' my phone rang. It was my cousin. I answered with a 'HEY WAS UP?' 'Are you at a party?' He asked. I replied 'YEA.' 'Where at?' he said. 'My house!!' 'Is there a way you can come for me??' he said.' I got the truck but I'm kind of drunk and don't want to drive.' 'Oh come on Loka don't be like that and come for me I want to party today.' 'Ok, ok I'll be there in 5 minutes.' When I got there, he was outside waiting for me. He opened the door and asked if I was ok to drive. Although I knew I was not in the condition to drive, I replied with a 'Yea I'm fine.' He said 'I should take the truck.' But I refused. I started my way back home but I didn't make a stop''. 'CRRAASSSHHH'!!!!!! And that was the last thing I heard.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to type this piece is that i see alot of teens actually doing this.

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