A Need for Speed

February 2, 2009
By csiraven09 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
csiraven09 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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'Tonight, 7:30, Airport Road. All or nothing for the detector,' read the slip of paper trapped underneath my windshield wiper. Whatever I thought to myself as I tossed the slip of paper into the backseat of my car.
Oh, allow me to introduce myself. I am Serenity Leilani Grace; it's not exactly the most common name around, but it sounds nice and describes me, so I guess it's survivable. I kind of tower over others at 5'11' and have blond hair with green eyes. That should be enough to satiate your thirst on the subject of curiosity. Now, where was I? Oh yes, tossing stuff into the back of my car. I try not to do it, because then Raven gets mad at me. Wait until you meet her; she has got to be the most amazing thing in the world.

She is an azure blue convertible with the nifty paint that sparkles in the sun. The top is black and hardly ever up to match the tires with Cobra rims. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? Well, here's a bit more about the engine: a V8 with 4.10 gears, auto transmission, five speed, keyless entry with an automatic starter, amazing sound system, and a very shiny ratchet shifter to make the transmission into fourth gear easier. As you know, her name is Raven, but the name most people give her is a 2008 Ford Mustang GT. She is my pride and joy, and she means the world to me.

I know street racing is illegal. I know it's dangerous. I know it's an excessively stupid thing to do. But how come I still want to race Raven even if it is only one time? Normally, I'm a very intelligent person, especially when it comes to safety after a horrendous accident that one of my best friends was in. Yes, she is still alive, but it has taken her a year to be completely fine. That's what happens when you backflip a sportscar, I guess.
Sorry, I get off track a lot, in case you haven't noticed. Back to the deal on street racing. If I did race, it's not like I'm committing a murder or robbery--what could it hurt? Besides, I need a radar detector. I'm not exactly one of those psycho drivers who feels the need to go 80 mph wherever I go, but 60 isn't such a bad thing. One time, and that's it, is what I told myself as I drove home from my part time job at a grocery store. As soon as I got home, I cleaned Raven out. Every ounce lighter I can get Raven, the better. The car I'm going up against is almost Raven's twin: a fiery red, V8, 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra also with 410 gears, and it has a spoiler. Anyway, the rest of the day passed fairly quickly with anticipation of the night to come filling my head.

At 7:25 pm, I pull up to the T on Airport Road. There he is, already waiting for me. His name is S'on, the owner of the Cobra. I pull up alongside him to take my mark at the starting line. We agreed that after a coded flash of light from the end of the quarter-mile stretch is when we would start. Our engines are revved to show off, and the light is seen.

We take off at the line. He has the better start, but Raven's acceleration and performance are at their top performance tonight. 60'70'80'90'100'110'120'135'top speed reached at 138. We are neck in neck as the finish line approached. Almost there, just a little more. I thought to myself. Yes! I won! We both slowed down quickly and stopped.

'Good race. You get the detector, but we will have a rematch,' S'on congratulated me.

'You too. And why not? I will win again, so just try it,' I answered.

'Until then,' S'on stuck out his hand to shake mine.

'Until then,' I said, shaking his hand. It was strange, having the race be over so quickly, but not everything is normal I guess. S'on drove off, and I climbed back into Raven. I started her up and drove a slow 70 home. I cranked up the radio, elated over my victory. A song came on: 'I'm in Love With My Car' by Queen, who just happened to be my favorite band too. The song described my life; Raven truly was and still is my pride, joy, and life. Guys are replaceable, and so are most things in life. However, some things can't be bought--adrenaline, a need for speed, and bragging rights. I will race S'on again, and when we do, victory as well as Raven, will be mine now and forever.

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